The lovely TROUVILLE club!!!!!!!!!

  1. Today i searched for this club and my face was something like this -> :nuts: when i didn't find anything!
    so, show us yours, both mono and multicolore:yahoo:

    here's mine; the pic is one years old, now is mooooore patinaed!

    trouville by xLAUx.jpg

    i really love this bag, she was my very first Louis!:love:

    i think i'm going to get one in MC too!
  2. MC White & Black Trouville
    DSC00084.JPG MC Black Trouville.jpg
  3. My black MC one:love:
  4. oooh here's mine in white Multicolore, with her white Inclusion Speedy keychain :biggrin:!

  5. I'm in! Bought a mono yesterday and will post pics later. I was excited because the store had a display one with a beautiful patina (which I like so much better than new vachetta)!
  6. Mono Trouville & the sistas
    Trouville ( MC, Mono, MC ).JPG

  7. :drool::drool::drool:
    OMG, you are the Trouville queen!!!
    love the black one with that dark patina!:yahoo::heart::nuts:
  8. Here's mine!
    DSC09400 copy.jpg
  9. Here's mine:

  10. :nuts: aww, i love how u tug in the panda cles!:heart:
  11. I've been thinking about getting a Trouville, but I'd want to be able to use it for work, which means I'd need to be able to fit documents/folders and the like in there without folding or bending. Does anyone here know if thats possible? And if so, how much room is available afterwards? Pictures maybe if possible...? Thanks!!
  12. you cant use this as a bag to fit in papers, etc...check out dimensions on

    i think the multicolor aurellia would be more suitable for your needs
  13. tr444,

    i drool everytime i see your MC trouville, such GORGEOUS color combo!!!!:drool:
  14. ^^Thank you!! I really lucked out with that one!

  15. I did check the dimensions and it says 11.8" L x 9.3" H x 4.5" W. I was thinking that if paper is 11" L x 8.5" H, it should fit, but I was worried about the top corners. I don't carry a lot with me. Has anyone tried to put regular sized documents in a trouville?