The LOVELY Tracee Ellis Ross

  1. So underratted for her fashion.

    that skin
    that hair
    the Body and

    her style.

    What more can i say I love tracee

    Plus that's my middle name.
    I was named after her.

    Mom is a major Diana Ross fan.

  2. Yay!
  3. Love her and miss seeing her on Girlfriends.
  4. I do like her look and I love her shoes.
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    Thank you for taking the initiative to start this thread (lol I sound like a teacher)!
  6. woop woop :yahoo:
  7. ^^ now we all have to put in a group effort to find pic. Recent ones are desired. vintiage will be accepted.
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    there's a black and white pic of her and her mom that looks so good! but the site is down and i can only see the thumbnail...i'mma keep trying ;)

    but until then

    10297616113200695029PM.jpg tross.jpg tracee-bclosebest.jpg Tracee-xviii.jpg
  9. Thanks for starting this thread! Tracee is a natural beauty:smile:
  10. tracee-ellis-ross-design-a-cure-charity-event-hosted-by-fred-segal-1F9qR7.jpg
  11. her and her mom 74927253_10.jpg
  12. [​IMG]
  13. i need that dress.
  14. tracee_ellis_ross.jpg

  15. how do I make pics bigger?