The lovely Phoebe

  1. I have considered the Phoebe on and off for two years now. I quite like it in black, but don't know where I could find one with the exception of eBay.

    There is one currently listed and it says that there is no made in tag on the inside???
    I know this should probably go in the auth thread, but does anyone else have a genuine phoebe without this tag??

    I thought it strange because all of my bags have them and I don't buy fakes.

    Please help....even though I don't need another bag!!
  2. Have you tried phoning the outlets?
  3. kerilynn3 I have one in oak/choc that says 'MADE IN TURKEY'
    It came from the US a while ago .
    bestest, Flossie
  4. I have an olive Phoebe and it has a Made in Turkey tag on it.

    I know the bag you're talking about. Possibly one for the Authenticate This thread but it looks a bit too shiny to me. There was a black Phoebe added to eBay last night by a reputable seller. Perhaps search for that one as I'm sure that one will be genuine. But again, use the Authenticate This, just to be sure.
  5. I'd try the outlets first to be on the safe side. There's usually Phoebes when I visit so they do have them in regularly.
  6. I would also say go for the outlets, they seemed to have loads of them a while back.
  7. I have a chocolate Phoebe with a "Made in Turkey" tag.