The lovely man behind tPF, our knight!

  1. Many of you know him, know he exists, but you rarely see him posting. That is because he is vigorously working behind the scenes to make everything with tPF work perfectly. If you have an issue, he is the go-to-man, the knight in shining armor!!!! :hs:

    So as you all know, this past Thursday was my birthday and EVERYONE really made it a special day. The Sunshine Committee was amazing, I had tons of other friends making sure to make my day special, and then I had Vlad, who totally planned this birthday to be one of the best ever.

    Just because he sometimes thinks I don't appreciate enough, I have to say that I do, and I know everyone on the forum does!!! :heart:

    Here is a pic of Vlad from Thursday at my birthday dinner he took me to. Such a wonderful dinner to finish off the best night!!! :girlsigh:

  2. Thank you Vlad!

    This place is amazing!

    You are a rock star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Vlad's all our Knight in shining Armor

    Yay Vlad!
  4. Thanks Vlad!! You're the best!
  5. Thanks Vlad for everything you do :smile:
  6. The PF makes us glad,
    It isn't just a fad,
    That's why we love you Vlad,
    You are one fine lad,
    One day you'll be Meg's baby-dad.

    lol Okay, I'm silly.
  7. gosh i love tpf! thanks vlad and megs for creating this amazing place!
  8. :tup: Yay Vlad you do amazing work:yahoo:
  9. THANK YOU, VLAD! <Kisses!> :winkiss:
  10. Thanks, Vlad, for all your amazing work. I know it must be such a pain in the a$$ to work with so many women!! I know I sure wouldn't want to! Your work is much appreciated!!!:rochard:
  11. That was great!!! I can't wait for the day!
  12. Thanks for all you do Vlad!
  13. thanks for sharing him with us Megs. HEHEHEHE

    VLAD u look great in the photo but where is your horse and armor? aren't u a little too casual???
  14. :roflmfao: Hes already tPF baby daddy!;) haha

    Vlad you're awesome!!:king:
  15. Vlad kudos to you for your work, I wish you happiness in everything you do! Thank you for making this forum a wonderful place!