The lovely Leopard club

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  1. totally droolworthy! :P i am so in love with this color print!

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    Hi ladies, may I join in the jungle with this coral beauty.. :sunshine:
    I think this is one crazy, wicked Bayswater, in a good way! It's almost "too much", if you know what I mean!? :nuts:

    I basically wear only black and grey suits at work, so I thought it might be fun to add something almost horribly bright to pop up the outfits, and this is it: my very first Bayswater! :love:
    Altough I have to admit that it took some time to adjust. I saw this Bays in the sales but didn't dare to buy it then and regretted ever since, so when I saw this on eBay couple of weeks ago I pushed the button. I know guys at work will die when they see me with it! (..which is actually half of the fun!) :amuse:


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  3. Fabulous Giraffe, I bet you will rock it with your suits! How about a modelling pic for us?
  4. Giraffe - Congrats indeed, that is totally bloody stunning! I love it. Would also love to see a pic of you holding it, bet it looks ace. xx
  5. That's fantastic! so full of fun.

    I bear no resemblance to Bet Lynch but I do have a weakness for leopard (in a bag is better than on my person :P).

    It looks as if it's much more practical (does shiny = sort of water resistant?) than my leopard suede Bays, too.
  6. Thanks girls :blush:

    The more I get used to my dear new Bays, the more I like it! I think it's actually great everyday handbag. And also for working purposes as my laptop fits in perfectly, and as you said tortoiseperson, it doesnt mind a bit of a rain either!

    I'll try to get some modeling pics tomorrow.. ;)
  7. looking forward to the pics and glad to hear that you are really enjoying your lovely new bag. It being good in all weather is a massive plus point xx
  8. What a lovely bag - I am itching to join the leopard club but ...... no more bags till I've paid for the last lot!!
  9. Great bag Giraffe, and it will look stunning with your suits!
  10. Whow stunning bays! Really love the smudgy leopard print on bayswater.

  11. I cant because I havent got my camera but imagine my beloved and very new leopard putty bay clutch, leopard coral :yahoo:bay clutch and their two babies coral and putty charlies
  12. What a fabby coral bays G26 , love it !
  13. Love your coral beauty, G26!
  14. I've just seen the Steel Metallic Leopard colourway new on .com ... it's gorgeous! seems to be only in a tiny Charlie so far.
  15. Love my Smudge Putty Leopard. I really enjoyed looking through the Lovely Leopard thread. I'm on the wrong computer to add my OL bits, but I'll do it tomorrow.

    Here's my Leopard Clutch.

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