The lovely Leopard club

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  1. Thread needed to be bumped with all those new leopards in town...Chloe? Jackie?

    Joining the club finally too with Alexa long-locked leopard purse in peony:

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  2. wow love he purse!!
  3. ^ oops yep, how could I have forgotten to add lexie to the club!
    Im on it :biggrin:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Purrr!


  6. [​IMG]

  7. ^^ yum!
  8. looks great with the eputty bays!
  9. Finally got a few photos of my smudged leopard putty Bayswater from NAP. She was worth the wait and I love her so much. I wasn't going to do a reveal as there were so many that week, but enough time has passed I think! :P

    Also got the keyring the other day for my housekeys, which I always seem to lose. The bright pink leopard should make them easy to spot!

    I am hoping to add further to my collection in the next few days, because I want the leopard pouch in pink and a few other bits, will keep you posted.

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  10. I don't own any leopards but just wanted to poke my nose in and say how lovely they all are ladies!!
  11. I love the way that you have different patterns on the 3 front panels of your Putty Bays - it makes it really fascinating to look at.

    The keyring is adorable.
  12. Lovely markings on your leopard LadyC! I love the keyring too.
  13. Beautiful putty leopard bays, LadyC - lovely markings. Love the little keyring too!
  14. Your putty Bays is totally gorgeous LadyC - cute keyring too!
  15. LadyC...just lovely!!!
    Chloe...Love the peony leopard Alexa, too!
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