The lovely Leopard club

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  1. So many of us now have some beautiful leopard bags , it's about time we had our own little club as RR suggested .So feel free to upload your stunning leopard bags and accessories ladies , it will be a great showcase .
    Here's my putty smudge leopard Bayswater Clutch .

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  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    (Putty Leopard Bays with LV Leopard scarf - I'm 5'7/170cm)

    Thank you Flossie for setting up this thread! Come on Leopard tPFers!! :yahoo:
  3. aw they are both gorgeous! Am currently trying to decide between a Charlie in black or leopard smudge!
  4. And my litter of cubs: Leopard Charlie is so cute too Twitspie,

    Long Lock Purse,Small Pouch & Travelcard Holder.

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  5. And all together

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  6. Can I join too please???

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  7. Lovely leopard... I think we need a splash of colour in here too, so I would like to join with my coral bays clutch;)

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    x sorry, double post
  9. Lille-the coral leopard really is a knockout :biggrin:
  10. and here is my gorgeous navy wrinkled bays.
    navy leopard bays.jpg
  11. Ohhh I thought mono leopard and that's it, but coral & blue are soooo lovely (still kicking myself about not getting coral from 2.go.2 a while ago...:smash:)
  12. This is turning into a party ! :party: Anymore ??????

    I agree RR coral is stunning too , maybe in the sale ;)

    Navy leopard is fab too and all those accessories :rochard:
  13. I need to join in here. Will do pics tomorrow. So far leopard family consists of Putty bays, putty long locked purse, Coral bays clutch (like Lillemy's) , Navy wrinkled patent bays.
  14. Oh LA LA! Love everyone's leopard bags. that a Hermes scarf? Gorgeous!!!
  15. Wow. That's a Pride! :yahoo:

    Wrong cat but you know what I mean!
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