The lovely Coach goodies I just bought my BFF for her bday!!

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  1. My best friend of ten years is turning 24 on the 17th and will be treating herself to her first Coach (or any high end bag for that matter) a black soho leather flap bag.

    I would love to get it for her, but think it looks a little extreme...seems more like something her boyfriend or parents should get her :s

    Anyhoo, I went to Coach today and picked up these with her future bag in mind:

    I have a couple older Coach bags, but don't normally shop there. As the die-hard Coach folks, what do you guys think? Will she like them? :p
  2. I think that she'll love them! They're really nice gifts!
  3. I would think she is going to LOVE them, I know I sure would!!
  4. You're the best BFF EVER! Great gifts!

    I'm about to get my BFF one of the diaper bags for her upcoming baby girl. But that's because I get a discount and my mom and my other friend are going in on it with me. Buying someone an expensive coach bag like the soho leather flap, even your BFF, is too much, you're right (if my mom and girlfriend weren't going in on it with me I wouldn't get Liz the diaper bag).

    So what you got her is the perfect gift for a best friend! I wish you were my best friend! Great job!
  5. way cute! she'll love them
  6. I think they're perfect - they'll go great with any Coach bag that she gets!
  7. very very cute!!! she will love them
  8. very cute! she will love it!
  9. Excellent choices! I'm sure she'll love them. :drool:
  10. Perfect! What a good friend you are :smile:
  11. Woohoo! I can't wait to give them to her. :heart:

    Thanks everyone!
  12. love the gifts! so cute! you are a nice friend (:
  13. I bet she'll love the diaper bag! :heart:
  14. Those are very good gifts, you are going to cause some damage, when she realizes that Coach is what she has been wanting all along, she will be hooked like all of us!! Good Job!!:yahoo:
  15. aw those are perfect accessories for her purse!
    the soho leather wristlet is one of my favourite pieces, so simple and classic.