The lovely Blue Glacier First debuts

Cheshire Cat

Long live McQueen
Feb 12, 2007
Well, my Blue Glacier First (courtesy of ******' Erica) arrived this afternoon, and it is just fabulous! :yahoo:

This bag will go with so much, and it's a gorgeous colour - a sort of stormy blue-grey. My pictures aren't all that accurate, but I'll try to do better some other time. I do wish that it had a few lavendar undertones to make it a TRUE Periwinkle, but it's beautiful just as it is. I have to say though - this is my first First without the long strap (my white is from '03) and I miss the longer shoulder strap.

I know Miss Glacier wasn't really one of the popular girls this spring, but I really think that this will become a sought-after colour with time. The variations of blue and grey (although it is veiny, so if you don't like that, it's not for you) are so nice together and will make a great all-season, year-round bag. It's kind of like '06 Lilac in that its a beautiful and rich colour, but subdued enough (thanks to the grey) to work almost as a neutral.

I'll be doing a family portrait sometime next week when the other bags I'm expecting roll in. ;)


Jul 19, 2006
Congrats !!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

I have one too and i use it many times. i love that color:heart: so much !!!
Welcome to a new fan of Blue Glacier !!!!

I plan to buy a blue glacier day...because of that color !