the loveliest LV bag for me

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  1. :blink: I saw and tried the L'ingenieux pm in white today and it is the best satchel that I've ever tried. Beautiful exquisit detail and the lining inside is to die for. :love: I am so in love and just dreaming of the day that i'll be able to get it. My next big purchase is a potterybarn sectional sofa and that's a little over $3000. this bag is $2750. aarrggg.. but I want the bag over the sofa. Am I crazy or what. I can't believe I just said. that.. please help me rationalize because I'm almost convincing myself to get the bag:unsure: :amazed:

  2. I have this bag in white and it is really lovely but is quite heavy (even when empty). I want a white le fab:shame:
  3. ohhh just saw this on the eluxury site. this one is $2340. L'epanouie pm. This price is more do able, and my sub-conscience wouldn't kill me either. [​IMG]
  4. the le fab is beeyootiful.. I fell in love after seeing clanalois's collection. :love:
  5. I'd pick a beautiful sofa over any bags but that's just me. Besides bag obsession, I'm more obsessed with making my home beautiful. Some people would probably disagree because this is the purse forum, some people will probably choose a bag over food. :biggrin: I suggest getting the sofa first and then get the LV.
  6. The L'epanouie PM is a GORGEOUS purse!! I've been eyeing it since forever but somehow I can never acquire enough funds to purchase it (err darn designers for coming out with nice purses!!)
  7. Yeah I agree with you, i definetly need to update my living room. with a nice slipcover couch. I'm so over leather. Just had a few minute of purse craze insanity there, and now it's over.:wacko: :huh: :lol: ON with the sofa purchase and next a suhali bag on the sofa with pictures for you guys to see.. hows that sound.. hahahah
  8. I think you should get the sofa first and then the bag later. LV will not have their next price hike until next Feb/Mar so that gives you enough time to get this dream bag. :lol:
  9. ^^^agree :biggrin:
  10. I love this bag and thought I would purchase it BUT when I tried it needed some support when placed down and almost fell off the counter when the SA placed it down:lol: I still want a white le fab:nuts:
  11. I like both suhali pieces, but it's the le fab that makes me feel funny inside ! ;)
  12. Those bags are utterly gorgeous, but you can't really sit on them, so get the sofa first ;) Plus, you'll need a new sofa as a photographic shrine for your new purchase, right? ;)
  13. I LOVE L'ingenieux in white or black!!! GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  14. Is the bag big enough to sit on fashionably? Thus taking away the need for a sofa?

    Seriously...get the sofa.

    But that bag is nice.

  15. ^^^ hee!hee!hee! Good one! I agree 100% Selena!