The Loveboat and Bauhaus (Tano) have docked

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  1. They arrived at the same time. I must say, my first thought when I unpacked them both was 'sexy!' I think that's a good way to describe these bags. I like both a lot! The Loveboat is simply gorgeous, the color, the style, it's large enough to put your lunch and a small child in and the Bauhaus, while a bit smaller, is big as well. The leather on the Boat is soft, the Bauhaus is a crunch leather, I think, and it too, is soft, but has a delicious sheen to it.

    The only additive that I could wish for would be that Tano include sleeper bags but maybe they'll work into that.

    Definitely keepers, both of em! ​
    Bauhaus.jpg bauhaus2.jpg Loveboat1.jpg Loveboat4.jpg
  2. Adding a few more pictures.
    Bauhaus3.jpg Bauhaus4.jpg Loveboat2.jpg Loveboat3.jpg
  3. B-E-A-yoooootiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE that color !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Color of the loveboat is TDF, Nice bags
  5. :devil: Wait, let me think that over..... Oh good gracious, that blue one is ATROCIOUS !!! you better send it to me right now so you don't have to be seen with it (hee hee hee hee)
  6. wonderful colour - especially that second bag - yummy!
  7. :lol: :noggin:
  8. Oh i have been eyeballing the loveboat. LOVE the color. What is the interior fabric? and is there another pocket inside besides the zipper?
  9. Beautiful! Lucky girl, now those Loveboats are probably going to sell out due to how cute yours is!
  10. Oh yeah, there's a couple of pockets on the back wall and then two on each side of the bag. Very clever how they did that! The lining is fabric that's soft, yet it seems very durable.
  11. I love love the color of Tano bags, they POP!
  12. They are so adorbale!! I have a sexbomb in cobalt blue and I love it...tanos wear very well and the leather is to die for!! Enjoy!
  13. Grace,
    Is Celeste the color of your Loveboat? Your's is gorgeous but in the website the color looks more blue than turquoise.
    Enjoy them both, they are beautiful!
  14. Grace,

    I got the Bottle Blonde in Fern crunch leather & it arrived today, with a dust bag.

    It was probably an extra customer service bonus, (I had to return my Stevie Kicks because I didn't care for the unfinished seams,) but they do have dustbags! Give them a call & maybe they can hook you up.
  15. nice bags girls - especially love the turquoise as it looks like a gorgeous summer colour. I had a tano arrive today too - the My Heroin in black. I love it. I'll try post some pics tomorrow.

    What's the bottle blonde like? Was just eying it up.
    Any chance of some pics ;)