--- The Louis Vuitton "Travels & Travellers" Exhibition - LOTS of Pics!!! ---

  1. Hey fellow tPFers!

    I was invited to a 'journey', with LV called the 'Travels & Travellers Exhibition' in Gaysorn Plaza, Southeast Asia's flagship store and had a lot of fun learning about the history of the legendary brand in person! I also got to meet with one of the French craftsmen who creates LV goods too!! All of the bags, trunks, etc were just :wtf: and :drool:

    Almost all of the goods used to be owned by someone and LVMH bought it back to be displayed! and they also put thermometers in each bag in order to maintain a certain temperature too.

    It was a very memorable experience because you can't experience something like this everyday and you don't get the LV staff (the were part-timers working exclusively for the 2-week exhibition) telling you about the history especially when it comes into every specific detail into the who, what, when, where, why and how's. Although you go into the store to make some purchase, the SA are not really keen on telling you about the background of the bags...so I thought it was special!

    At first I got the invitation letter (pictures 1 and 2) that also came with a very informative timeline. Then I got the postcard set, only given to those who made a purchase of more than US $8,000 on the exhibition day (my Mom made the purchase, not me :p).

    I hope I'm making sense here lol...It's 12:30AM here and I'm half asleep typing this hehe

    IMG_0036.JPG IMG_0035.JPG IMG_0033.JPG IMG_0026.JPG IMG_0028.JPG
  2. O:huh:O:huh: sounds like alot of fun!!~ man i wish i went to something like this.
  3. More pix!

    1st pic: Bird's eye view from the 3rd floor

    2nd pic: The bed trunk made in 1885, owned by Pierre Savorgnon de Bazarre,the person who found Bazzarreville in Congo

    3rd pic: Accessories case - Deauville Model.

    4th pic: The Original Keepall

    5th: Custom-made trunk...costs US $43,500 :huh:'
    LV.jpg bed trunk,owned by Pierre Savorgnon de Bazarre,the person who found Bazzarreville in Congo.jpg accessories case - deauville model.jpg LV1.jpg LV3.jpg
  4. Hey, I've got an invitation to that event too! Just went to the EMporium store today to buy a new wallet. What exactly did you mom buy? Whatever it is, I guess it must be uniquely vintage LV stuff!

    Thanks for the pics!
  5. The French Craftsman!!
    LV4.jpg LV5.jpg hat box.jpg ideale trunk.jpg secretary trunk for shoes and lingeries.jpg
  6. How interesting!
  7. I saw this exhibit when I was in Hong Kong!

    It was in the middle of the Landmark mall, and this was located inside a small squarish "room". The roof of the room was an Azur pattern! It was sooo neat!
  8. Very cool! Thanks for sharing the pictures! The trunks are gorgeous!
  9. Did you go to the exhibition? I think it was awesome!

    Haha...I can't say it's vintage cuz she got a Black Suhali Le Fabuleux, Ivory Epi Bowling Montaigne GM, Monogram Manhattan PM, Monogram Pegase 70 and some shoes
  10. This is sooo cool! I hope it comes to LA.
  11. Wow! Thanks for sharing. So interesting!
  12. Thanks for the pics! It looks like you had fun! I wish I could have gone!
  13. thanks for sharing all that pics!!!
  14. thanx for sharing...
  15. Wow cool, thanks for posting :smile:!