The Louis Vuitton Police Baton.....for the stylish cop!

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  1. OK, so obviously this is not a "real" LV baton. I am a police officer and all of my co-workers know about my handbag/LV fetish. So, a couple of Christmases ago, I was in briefing (when all the cops on a shift discuss the latest happenings prior to going out to patrol on the street for the night) with a Lieutenant, Sergeant and eight other officers (yes, every single one of them were guys) and the Sergeant said the shift had a Christmas present for me.

    I was presented with a wrapped and bow tied awkward gift that turned out to be TA DA, The Louis Vuitton Police Baton!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    That is actually what the Sgt. called it too. It turns out he had seen my LV white MC Theda GM bag when everyone went out one night after work and he decided to turn the baton into a group project as a Xmas gift for me.

    Mind you these are all egomaniac tough "cop" types that are all guys that did this. One of them bought a regular baton, another guy took it home and spray painted it white, another one printed out an E-Lux color pic of the white MC pattern and the Sgt. stayed up all night laboriously printing all those LV patterns in the exact MC as the bag!!

    And to answer that one burning question all of you have.........NO I do not use it at work, it would be slightly against dept. policy seeing as it is rainbow colored :roflmfao:
    DSC00565.jpg DSC00566.jpg DSC00568.jpg
  2. lol. omg that is so cute!!~ i can just imagine a guy cop squinting and trying to draw the LV's all perfect. lol. you have some GREAT co-workers.
  3. That's funny!!!
  4. Hahaha thats funny.
  5. hah i love it! thats so cute of them, lol.
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. lol!
  8. I think it is cute:love:
  9. What an awesome present - how thoughtful of everyone !
  10. omg that's hilarious!!! aww they are so sweet, don't you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing how much they care?!
  11. omg, what a precious, funny, memorable gift!
  12. LOL. A very funny and thoughful gift...
  13. *HaHa* :lol:

    Even though its not "real" .... I think it is a very cute and thoughtful gift (especially coming from all men).

    It looks like they put alot of time and creative work into it too .... how sweet.
  14. Such a sweet gift...that is toooo cute!
  15. How thoughtful :yes:

    You can be the "Fashion Police" now :roflmfao: