The Louis Vuitton inspired tattoo...

  1. Hello everybody,

    I have a tattoo that I will be getting that with in the next few months. It's inspired by a Louis Vuitton charm and the Cherry Blossom line. Here is my inspiration...

    and here is the final tattoo...

    I just thought you guys would like to see the inspiration!!
  2. Congrats on your new tatoo ! It looks amazing ! I love the idea
  3. That's sweet! Love the cherry blossoms!
  4. oh wow!
  5. :biggrin: it looks great!
    I was actually thinking of getting the LV panda tattood on my fore-arm
  6. that's cute
  7. Wow, that looks AWESOME! Love that charm...and the cherry blossoms are so cute!
  8. love the cherry blossom line!
  9. wow ... nice!
  10. Great idea! you have me thinking.
  11. That's a really cute your tattoo!
  12. Wow that is lovely.
  13. That's gorgeous! It shows your love of LV, but not in an obvious, showy way. I am sure it will spark a lot of interesting conversations.
  14. Nice!
  15. The cherry blossoms are beautiful!