1. I have an auction up on a LV Houston Handbag, and someone called me on my description and I really dont know what to say.

    In the description on and ELuxury when talking about the interior neither one mention that there is an interior zip pocket it says patch pocket and cell pocket which it does have on one side.

    She's saying how come they dont mention it but i can see one in your picture? I was not trying to hide it, to be honest i didnt even notice that it doesnt mention it in the description.

    I think most if not all LV bags have an interior zip pocket.. So, yeah basically how do i explain this to her?

    I told her she can feel more than free to call an LV store and have them take a look at theres. I assured her that it was authentic, the friend im selling it for, i was with when she purchased it.

    anyway, help plz
  2. The old Houstons only had the one patch pocket, now they have 2 pockets (one patch, one zippered). They're probably still using the old description.
    Also, elux and the LV sites aren't entirely correct in their descriptions sometimes...I've seen measurements, for example, that are totally off.
  3. ^ i totally agree. measurements on eluxury are often way off (e.g. something that is supposed to be 1" thick is listed at 5" thick or something like that).

    you can probably tell the person that she can post pics/auction link in the "Authenticate this" thread in the LV forum if she has any doubts about authenticity. Many eBay sellers (who were tpf members) have told me i should do this to reassure myself it was the real deal.

    and asiankatie: in case u go to UCB--go bears! :biggrin: i miss Berkeley, lol