The Louis Vuitton Deauville

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  1. Anyone have this model? If so, I was wondering about the storage. Are there a lot of compartments and room? My mom likes this style and i was wondering if it is worth the buy.
  2. Pic and the description per
    This soft beauty case is specially designed to keep beauty products perfectly organized. With pockets and holders for bottles, cosmetics, and toiletries. Includes a matching leather ID holder.
    • Monogram canvas and natural cowhide
    • Golden metal hardware
    • Washable fabric lining with large pouch pockets for makeup and four elastic holders for bottles
    • Full double-zip closure
    • Comfortable leather handles
    • Open outside pocket
    • Padlock
    • 14" L x 11" H x 6" W

    .........Seems to have a few pockets.
  3. thanks. i'm thinking about getting it. do you think it's worth the buy?
  4. i'm trying to decide between the deauville and trouville but it's so hard to tell about size without actually going in to see them. i think they're a wonderful alternative to the speedy, though.
  5. i think the trouville is too small...
  6. I'm trying to decide between Deauville and Ellipse MM (the large one).

    I guess Deauville is more roomy?
  7. I find it kind of large and bulky, not very appealing in terms of being a handbag. It definately is more useful as a beauty case in my opinion.
  8. i love it, it's definately on my list. i think it's a great alternative to a speedy. and now that i've seen the trouville, the trouville is definately too small.
  9. I think the Deauville was alittle bit too big for me. And as everyone wrote the Trouville is kind of too small. My opinion is that the Ellipse MM is a better choice over all. If your looking for a handle bag of course.

    Chaneller get the Ellipse MM for sure!!! hehe
  10. Is this the size of the deauville?

  11. The Deauville is not nearly as big as the pic you posted...I had the deauville...I'm trying to sell it now on my poupette auctions. I LOVED IT! I carried it like crazy. It has a lot of pockets inside and it was a life saver for me when I was working! I kind of wore it to death. I would get another one for sure. The Trouville is small for my liking. I love the size of my Mizi, and the Med. Elipsse is great as well. The Speedy 30 is my ideal size. I loved the Deauville so much because you just do not see it on so many people where I live. It's a GREAT bag! Go for it!
  12. Yeah, isn't its original use as a beauty case? Does anyone use their Deauville just to tote makeup around in?:oh:
  13. yep. on eluxury they describe the deauville as a vanity case and the trouville as an "everyday bag"