The "Louis Sickness"

  1. O.K. So I bought the mono Speedy 35 and have been using it a lot (except on rainy days). I love, love, love it! And now, of course, I need a second bag because of the "Louis" sickness. I know you all understand that. So which should it be...... the Damier Speedy 30, the Damier Alma, the Epi black Alma or the Cabas Mezzo? I lead a pretty casual life. I am pretty much a daytime person. I eagerly await your reponses.
  2. well, since you said you lead a casual life,maybe the dameir speedy will be the best choice. hah, that's what i think!
  3. Damier alma!!! You already have a speedy and it would be nice to get another style in another pattern. The alma is so classy and is perfect for daytime. It also looks great when you're all glammed up! If I didnt have the damier speedy, I would grab that alma in a heartbeat!
  4. the alma is a classic bag that looks great casual or smart. since its only your second bag i wouldnt go for another speedy
  5. Solitude,
    You are so practical! I think you are right on. I took the name Big Eyes because I want EVERYTHING in LV. But , like everyone else, I have to think out each purchase and make the correct choice. That is why this forum is so great. Husbands are bad at being sounding boards for "frivolous purchases." They tune you out or reprimand you for wasting money on stupid things. "We need to save for retirement......we need to send the kids to college..... we need to pay the bills next month..... we need to fix the house before it falls apart..... we need to ........" You all know what I mean.
  6. I agree with the other posts - the Alma would be a perfect 2nd bag! I had a hard time deciding between the damier speedy and the alma but went with the alma because I have a mono speedy, and so glad I did! I recently added the black epi alma to my collection because I like my damier one so much. Maybe the black one could be your 3rd addition??:smile: Oh, and the alma dresses "down" great too. I'm wearing grey capri sweat type of pants today with a black cotton top to take my dog to the groomer and my alma looks great with it!
  7. Ok, I tried several of the Damier's..... John actually helped me in a thread a while back settle on the Alma. I LVOEDDDDDDDD it, ended up buying a shoulder strap to match and could not be more happier with a purse. Great great beautiful purse that holds up well and retains it's value!
  8. Buttons,

    Is getting in and out of the Alma convenient? Also, should I order from or go in person to the store?
  9. Of those you mentioned I'd go with the Cabas Mezzo. You already have a prefect handbag, now you need a shoulder bag!! OR you could go for another should bag style like the Nervfull of the BH /BV. I like the mezzo though because it has a zipper, but the other bags are get too.
  10. The alma is great to get in and out of .... the zippers go completely from bottom to bottom.... when you unzip it, you can go to almost the bottom of both sides w/ the dual zippers and it's wide open...

  11. LOL My husband doesnt get my bag obssession too:nuts:! Let us know what you decide to get. The alma is simply gorgeous!:drool: Since I found this forum, Ive learned to choose bags wisely. I used to be impulsive with my LV purchases and ended up with so much regret and selling em off. Now I make sure a bag is for practical for my needs and lifestyle, and not just for aesthetics. :tup:
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  13. I love you all. I wish I could take you to my house and you could live with me always. So when I start to hear the demons in my brain calling out.... "Go buy a new Louis.... you need a new Louis..... you are starting to get the shakes...... " I would have you all here to act as my handbag army. We work as a team.... we think as one.... we grapple with fashion problems..... and we come out VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!

    Gros bisous et je vous embrasse!
  14. i vote damier alma. it is such a classic and damier is great for rainy days! i think it would make a great 2nd piece!
  15. The damier alma sounds like the best choice for you ... it'd be great too for those rainy days you are talking about, for when you don't want to use your mono speedy.