The Louboutin Xatrinxia-Sandal

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I posted a "YSL vs Louboutin" thread in The Wardrobe subforum a few hours ago, because I'm deciding on a summery, woodenish platform Sandal. My two options were the YSL Tribute T-Strap Sandal and the Louboutin Xatrinxia Sandal.
    Almost everyone seemed to agree on the YSL. It just got me wondering if there's no love for the Xatrinxia?? I became obsessive about finding a pair of CL's a few months ago, that were just right for me but never found a shoe that I love wait, I found a MILLION that i'd love but...: they must also practical and allow me to wear them often...
    I came to the conclusion that the Xatrinxia were perfect for me when I read about them at a style blog a few days ago. They're sturdy, yet really pretty, and the thick heel and platform will hopefully allow for the most comfort that a shoe with a 4 inch heel can offer. Oh and I don't have to worry about the red sole rubbing off, because the red is only on the part that doesn't touch the street! :p

    Now I must get the die-hard CL Lover's opinions on these!!

    oh the link to my original thread is here:
    Christian Louboutin Xantrinxia.jpg Christian Louboutin Xantrinxia 2.jpg
  2. I think the gladiator straps on the front of the YSL is what does it for me. I don't mind the heel on the CL so much, but the YSL just looks hotter!
  3. The YSL heel is more refined, but... because this is CL kingdom and for the price-per-hotness ratio... :heart: the CL one!
  4. Yeah I agree, the YSL look soo much hotter! I love the heel on the YSL more than the Louboutin.
  5. I personally am in love with the tribute! I like the CLs too, but I've always wanted a pair of the tributes...though they are a little too high for me. In the end, your opinion matters most.
  6. first thing that came to mind when seeing the CLs...."where is the stripper pole"
  7. I do love CL, but this YSL is TDF.
  8. I agree.;)

  9. I agree! I've been tempted to order those YSLs myself.

  10. I got one in my house! Maybe I should take a pic of me on it in my CLs.
  11. I have the CL one but I must say the Tribute is a lot more comfortable and easier to walk too..
  12. I'm looking for the YSL in blue! I LOVE that shoe, it has more of the WOW factor than the CL's which are just ok to me. Plus the YSL are a classier sandal IMO! Don't get me wrong I love CL's but this shoe not so much
  13. I LOVE CL's but the YSL looks better IMHO. I saw the Xantrinxia today and it really didn't appeal to me.
  14. I totally agree with the "price-per-hotness-ratio"!! I do love the shoe and 425 for a pair of CL's is a steal....especially for a broke college student like me!!

    haha that's amazing! you totally should! do you do your workout on the pole??

    Oh, you've tried both of them on?? I expected the CL's to be much more comfortable, because of the thick heel. but the Tribute is easier to walk in??

    To the other ladies: thanks so much for all your opinions!!
  15. I love CL, but in this case I am gonna go w/the YSLs!