The lost pomme agenda

  1. A few weeks ago l was lucky enough to be one of the first to get a small pomme agenda ( posted pics as we do),two weeks later l was on my way out of the door to get my nails done and looked in my bag to make sure that l had my salon card (which l keep in my agenda) when l saw that my agenda was gone! :crybaby:
    I knew that l had it the day before in my bag when l left work and that l had not taken it from my bag. I felt sick to think that it was gone and l told my partner that it could have only been stollen by a pick pocket.:cursing: Later that day l was sitting in the salon when my partner walked in with a new pomme agenda and inserts, he said that he could not bear to see me so upset. I left the items in the bag/box over that weekend as l was still upset over the first one. I went to work on the monday and one of the security guards asked me if l had lost a red diary and he had the agenda in his hand. The strange thing is no one knows who handed it in or found it or where it was found but l have learnt a a lesson.:yes:
  2. So glad you got it back! :yes: How sweet of your bf to get you a new one!!! :love:
  3. that is a such a sweet story it's so nice that your partner got you another one and them you found the first that really is some good karma
  4. wow, that's very lucky of you! congrats! :biggrin:
  5. Oh thank you Michele and l must say he is wonderful even after 11 years!:yes:
  6. So nice of your partner to do that for you & glad that you got first one back. Strange how it turned up like that!
  7. I knew all of you would be the only ones to understand:yes:
  8. awww how cute! I am glad you got it back! Your partner is soo sweet!
  9. Great to know you got it back and what a kind gesture by your partner :biggrin:
  10. Glad you gotsit back!! Wonder what happened???
  11. I'm glad you got her back.
  12. I'm so glad that it was found.
  13. That is great news that it was found .. :smile:

  14. I'm so happy for you that it was found. You also have a great partner!
  15. Your partner's gesture was very very very very sweet. HE Loves you very much!!!! :love: It's a horrible feeling when you you realize you lost or had something stolen from you!!! So glad that the original one turned up!!! :yahoo: