The Looping MM?

  1. Does anyone have one? How does it fit under your shoulder, is it too big or small for you? & any pros and cons or pics? I just want to know if it would be a good investment for an everyday purse..thanks! =)
  2. It's a great everyday bag, It was actually one of my very first LV's and i gave it to my mom. and she has not stop wearing it since. I loved it, it fit perfectly on my shoulder.
  3. I love the style and size but the rolled handle is extremely uncomfortable on the shoulders, it really digs into you. I wrote a thread about this a while ago and received quite a few response about the discomfort. You have to use it long enough to break into the leather to soften it up. I don't use mine anymore.
  4. I love my Looping MM, it's a great shoulder bag. Not too big, not too small! And my shoulder strap is very comfortable, you have to wear it very often when you buy it to soften it up. It's one of my favorite LV bags.:tup::tup:
  5. A Looping MM is a great shoulder bag. I like mine too, especially the size, which is not too big, not to small, and it is very structured. The rolled shoulder stap does not bother me. It is only one rolled stap, so it does not fall and it stays at my shoulder perfectly well. However, the drawback for this bag is it limits the number of stuffs that you could put in the bag. Since the side of the bag is not so wide, you can only stuff small and flat items (not anything too bulky) in it. Overall, it is a good shoulder bag that is great for everyday use.
  6. I have the GM. I love this bag, one of my absolute favorites. The shoulder strap is so comfortable and it does not slide off my shoulder like so many of my other bags. The bag itself is sleek and trim but roomy.
  7. I had the looping GM once and sold it after 2 months because the strap really hurt and bruised my shoulders:cursing:. And I didnt even carry tons of stuff in it. Best to try it at the store with your items inside the bag to see if it feels comfy:tup:
  8. This was my 2nd LV purchase. Back in 2001, I remember putting my name on a waiting list and my BF telling me I was crazy. Back then it was lik $500-550? I do not remember. I ended up getting rid of the BF and getting the bag. Never regretted that purchase.
    The shoulder strap did bother me, the opening is kind of small, not good for big wallet.
    It does not seem to be very popular on this forum. But I love mine.
  9. Good bag. My mom has one. I like the shape of it. The rolled handle can be uncomfy at first, on the shoulder, like a previous poster mentioned. The opening is narrow, but the bag can fit a good amount of stuff. It's a classic piece, in my view.