the looks you get

  1. have you ladies noticed that other girls either give you dirty looks or point and whisper to the person next to them? I know i sound shallow but i feel kind of snooty and i like being envied lol. Its funny how people react to louis vuitton bags. They're better than sex!! lol
  2. To be honest, the girls do that with or without the bag with me in general..

    I find pretty girls, great shape plus with great taste seem nicer to other girls
  3. LOL I definitely notice these looks...although I don't really enjoy them bc of how spiteful and rude that other person is being.

    I have noticed it more towards my new engagement ring than my LVs though...the other night I was at dinner with my fiancee...I was carrying my black epi speedy (which most people don't even know is LV) and there were these two girls showing off their engagement rings to each other.

    Their rings (I thought) were very beautiful...however, they were not as large as mine. As my SO and I sat there waiting for a table, the girls would NOT stop staring at my ring.

    Later on that evening, I had to walk by their table of the way to the restroom. As I walked by, I heard one of the girls say "I bet that isn't even real" or something to that effect.

    I was honestly at a loss for words...I just kept walking feelings weren't really hurt bc OBVIOUSLY those girls were just envious, but still...I was just shocked that someone would say such a thing out of spite.

    That is one of the reasons why I love TPF so is largely made up of women who are not snippy and catty to one another...if someone gets something new, everyone else is HAPPY for her. It is such a refreshing and enjoyable environment to be it:smile:
  4. Yikes..I hate rude and jealous people..sometime I don't get it why people can be so catty..

    I rarely envy other people..the only time I envy someone is when I admire them .I would tell them I envy them for but not in catty way..YKWIM
    Geez sorry that you have to encounter with those rude people..
  5. ITA with couturegrl about tpf. I always know when I get a new bag, somebody will be genuinely happy for me here. I never brag to my family or friends about my new lv's. They just don't get it. Here, I'm in great company! But I don't like being "envied" because of my bag. Most of the girls who act that way are uneducated about lv in the first place, or they're just immature. If I spot somebody with an lv, I try to compliment them on it if it's appropriate to do so.
  6. Oh yes, women for the most part are very envious! LOL There was a thread before about this (I think in the general forum). I think I came off sounding snobbish but oh well! I don't understand why women do that to each other! It's awful really!
  7. They were DEFINATELY jealous and by saying that it made themselves feel better (unfortunately at your expense)! Sorry you had to deal with that! They only WISH they had it so good! :yes:
  8. Yeah, i'm in the same boat as bagsnbags where girls no matter what tend to stare/give dirty looks with or without the LV. I have tried to adopt the whole attitude of "take it as a compliment" but it does get tiring. The worst is when they do the whole up and down sweep, from your face down to your shoes then all the way up again. Thankfully, that doesn't happen too often and when it does, then i'm usually compelled to say something *****y like "uhhhh, do you need help with something???"
    I guess it is better than disappearing into the crowd and completely being ignored though!
  9. Occasionally I'll get looks, but I don't think it's from my LVs. It's true--women can be catty and competitive.
  10. Ughhh don't even let it bother you for one second that they said that. Obviously you were WITH your fiance right there, why would you be wearing a fake ring? They are just totally jealous b!tch snobs. Besides if the size of the rock is that important to them you know they are totally getting married for the wrong reasons!
  11. honestly the other reason i think i get stared at is because i have fake boobies. I wore my cute baby phat jeans and a baby phat baby tee today and my lv bag to the mall and this guy whispered to his gf or whatever and she stared at me with huge eyes. My mom was with me, we had lunch and went shopping today and she was like "how rude"
  12. I get looks and stuff and I love how I saw a woman tonite with an obvious fake giving me fake looks as though I should apologize ugh stupid jealous ppl make me :sick:
  13. I live in a smaller city w/o a LV store so nobody really notices my bags. Sometimes (usually teenage girls) will ask me if they are real. When I go back to my home town (much bigger city) I get a lot more stares. One woman almost fell of her chair in IKEA when she saw my Manhattan GM. I haven't experienced any rude comments yet but if it happens I'll just ignore them. I love my bags and jealous people can stare all they want.
  14. LOL at everyone's stories!!

    Thanks for the sweet words, everyone!

    Whatever...I just think that I am so lucky to have stumbled upon TPF and met such sweet, genuine ladies like all of you.
  15. Seriously, sometimes I want them to think I am carrying a fake, especially when I am waiting in line to pay for clothes. Because than I will open my bag just big enough so they can see that I am carrying a "fake" bag with "fake" wallet plus damier key holder plus mat agenda plus mc wapity plus so on and so on. YEAH, they are all "FAKE" which I paid for with MONOPOLY paper money I withdrawn from the "BANK".