The look for fall

  1. leggings, thin heeled ankle boots and skinny jeans are topping the list. is everyone ready?
  2. not me! I'm not doing the skinny jeans! LOL!

    I may do cropped w/ tall boots, but not peg legs! LMAO!
  3. Oh-and flats-according to all the mags I saw today-flats are very in-which stinks considering I am 5'1"
  4. Eeks...flats??? My podiatrist tells me to stay away from flats; something to do with my arches.

    I actually like the look of leggings under a mini. It is a look that hides a multitude of sins.
  5. I love the skinny jeans look...but not on me...I think only a handful of people can pull it off, but I can do the boots. I love winter boots!
  6. Welcome back to the 80's ladies! Reminds me of what I use to wear in 11th grade!
  7. Yep-that is what the mags are saying-the 80s are back
  8. the 80's have NO place in my closet! They're not welcome! LOL!

    next thing you know we'll all be wearing tight Guess jeans w/ zippered ankles! EEEEK!
  9. ^^ I think I can still get the jeans with zipped ankle... my mom kept all my clothes from the 80s (and other decades.... she's the ultimate pakrat!). That's a scary thought that the 80s can be back... not sure how I survived it the first time. :yucky:
  10. Well, I ended up with two pairs of "skinny" jeans but they are not super super skinny. Joe's cigarette and TR Billy. I would call it more of a narrow-straight leg than a super skinny. Plus they are in a dark wash so with a black top and black heels they are pretty flattering.

    I debuted mine for the first time last night...the outfit I mentioned above plus my black LV pochette and it was pretty dang cool.

    As far as flats, I did go for a pair of Prada drivers, but I can't do the ballerina flats. My jeans are all hemmed for low to mid heels and I can't get used to seeing myself in flats other than shorts and flip flops after work!

    Leggings: I'm 39 and got that out of my system in high school/college :yes: so I will pass unless I'm at home relaxing.
  11. lol i have really fat thighs so skinnies look PROPER bad on me! i love the way they go around your shins with heels on but not on me its just urgh!!!!
    lol swanky! zipped jeans are supposed to be coming back in, i think VB or somebody like her has been getting snapped in some haha
  12. superfine have a pair of zipper ankle jeans, they're really cool. only problem is that superfines are so so narrow in the lower leg that i can't even get a pair two sizes up far enough to know if the thigh would fit or not :wtf:
  13. I'm also hearing a lot of the WAGs fashion will be hitting the mainstream-mainly boots tucked in skinny jeans.
  14. Skinny jeans are actually a good look on me, as long as I pair them with a longer, loose top. I'm short-waisted but have long legs for my height, and don't carry a lot of my weight in my legs, so this is one trend I may actually be able to pull off. Unfortunately, I've had a devil of a time finding styles that aren't super low-rise (my bubble butt makes the waistband pooch out in the back) but found these at Macy's. Macy*s - Women's - INC International Concepts® Petites Skinny Jean

    Unfortunately they're not available locally at the store, so I had to order online. I'll let you know how they fit.
  15. I can do without the leggings but I'm ready for everything else!
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