The Longchamp Penelope thread

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  1. Anyone else own this purse? I would love to see pictures. I just ordered the small from the whatshebuys 40% off sale, and will post pictures when it arrives.

    Is this a heavy purse? What colors have been made? Pros, cons? I'm loving the design and can't wait to get it.
  2. I think the colors last season were-
    midnight blue

    Can't wait to hear what you think of yours.
  3. Great idea to make a Penelope thread!

    Pics from, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom

    *Midnight Blue

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  4. Pics from


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  5. Measurements from, Nordstrom
    Pics from Nordstrom, Bloomingdales

    *Small: 11 x 9½ x 4¾ inches (5" strap drop)
    *Medium: 13½ x 10¾ x 5½ inches (6" strap drop)

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  6. Measurements from, Nordstrom
    Pic from Nordstrom

    *Full size: 15 x 11¾ x 6¼ inches (9" strap drop)

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  7. Cosmo - I am so glad u are sticking around. Your mod days seem like just yesterday. :cloud9:

    Penelope ads

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  8. editorials blogs

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  9. insta

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  10. Haha, you are too kind! I can't help but jump in every now and then. :woot:

    Here are a few more marketing images from the Longchamp twitter...

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  11. Yes, the first image is from the animation video that they did. Here it is:
  12. I loved that video! So cute! :lol: Thanks for sharing!
  13. I LOOOOVVVEE my Penelope! So excited for this thread! I have the medium in ebony. I will post pics!

    I am considering Sandy or Terracotta, and can't decide between medium or large. I love my medium, but might like to try large.

    The leather in this line is lightweight but tough and the bags are perfect if you work in an office environment, or just have a classic style. They also hold a ton. I'm amazed at how much the medium holds.
  14. I ordered the medium from the WSB sale, too. It will be here Wednesday and I admit I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse. I didn't really "need" another black purse and I have never seen the Penelope IRL. I hope I love her but if not then back she goes. :lol:

    LuvAllBags--your ebony is a stunning bag.
  15. thanks so much everyone for the pictures and information! gosh, i love opera, ebony and midnight! I am not too keen on black but didn't have a choice as the small was available in black on the WSB site when I finally caved and bought it.

    MiaBorsa - I totally understand what you mean by buyer's remorse. Is there any chance WSB will allow a color exchange if they have more colors within the refund period?

    EGBDF - for sure I will add images, can't wait! Arrival is set for Thursday!

    Luvallbags - your ebony, I remember now, is soo gorgeous. I am so glad to hear about the lightweight of the leather, I am not keen on heavy bags these days.

    Cosmo and Seton - thanks so much for the drool worthy images!!

    My question is, which one is the shoulder bag? I thought the only bag that could be worn over the shoulder was the small? Does the small also come in a shorter handle?