The long wait yields a frown

  1. I received the metallic purple this evening and after so long a wait. I am not thrilled.

    I never saw it IRL and was so looking forward to replacing the purple jumbo. Rarely have Chanels disappointed me, but this one falls short of my expectations.
  2. On No!!!!!!! Why don't you like it! Too big, too blingy, not the right color????? :wtf:
  3. oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that.
  4. Hmmm, you don't love it after you saw it? :confused1:
  5. Details! We need details!
  6. Yes yes please, details, I have not seen it IRL. Is it too shiny? From pics it looks so beautiful, but too shiny for me to wear.
  7. Ok Judy, we need more....your holding us in suspense...... do tell, do tell
  8. It's not a matter of bling. This is the 225 size and I like the size and I like the silver hardware, and this is coming from the "praise be the gold hardware" person. It's the hue; it's dark. When I saw Monica's pics, my heart was skipping like rocks on water but when I took it out of the box, I heard ugh -- and I was the only one in the room so it must have been my id.

    I have a dark silver 226 and I think it's sooo pretty, so one can't say it's the metallic thing that's turning me off. The ds I have often described as the chameleon.
  9. uh oh........dark hue? does it look significantly different from all the pics we've seen?

    I found the purple lambskin to be much too dark, although the pics made it look like a true purple...

    now i'm scared too............
  10. My first impression of the purple, right out of the box, was "OMG it's definitely purple". Once I put it on and saw myself in the mirror I thought, "OMG I LOVE it:love:". Honestly, it's my favorite bag that I currently own.

    Having said that, it's not for everybody. We all have different tastes, that's why Chanel has so many bags and colors for us to choose from. Judy, find a color that you'll love more. Best of luck.
  11. That first ugh should tell you.........not for you.....I have owned pink, purple and different chanels and after waiting and waiting, it was also an know, purple is such a difficult color to is either great or ugh.......don't keep it unless it is a YAY!!!!!! it will just sit in its dustbag......there will be many others and your dark silver is a TDF color:heart:H

  12. The bag is fails the love at first sight test. At this point, I'm at a loss of what to replace it with and since it came from Hirshleifer there is no refund policy only a store credit. I hesitate to choose another metallic after this fiasco. The ironic thing is this was going to be the last purse purchase. I guess not, eh.
  13. Judy, I have no doubt you can sell it on eBay and recoupe your investment.
  14. Oh, so sorry to hear that you don't love the bag. I do hope you'll find something you'll love to replace this one.
  15. Well put!
    Find one that really rocks you off your socks! There are so many to choose from :smile: