The long wait for my Selma messenger


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Aug 1, 2013
[Looking back over this post, I wrote so much, but I just wanted to get my thoughts and feelings out there!:P]

A few months ago I saw my friend Jared post the picture below, with his Selma medium messenger and immediately fell in love! (He gave me permission to post the picture)

None-the-less, I sort of forgot about the bag, as my heart was set on a much larger (and much, much more expensive) Givenchy antigona.

On the 4th of July, I was going through the sales (as my boyfriend is American, so buying from the US isn't a big deal) and saw the Selma messenger again in navy.
It was just $140 (£80—should've been £64 but Macys weren't allowing their discount code to be used on MK bags:pout:). I looked up the UK price and it's £140 here, about 75% more expensive (I hope my maths is correct)! Sadly, the bag was in mini, whereas my friends was in medium, however I'm quite a lot shorter, so I think it will look fine.

I then had the dilemma, do I continue saving for my super expensive, much bigger, antigona, or get the mini Selma? I obviously decided on the selma (why else would I be posting here), as I realised that going to college with a high end designer bag would look ridiculous and way too over the top, I'm only 17. Additionally, as I live in a big city, there is lots of theft, and I'm sure carrying a Givenchy bag would make me more of a target (not many people carry designer bags here). Finally, I don't actually need all the space! All last year, all I used my bag for was essentials (which I don't have many of) and college work.

Unlike most bag lovers, my essentials are quite simple, so will easily fit in the mini bag, and I can just throw my college stuff into a tote. People don't really care about your other bag, if one of them is gorgeous :P

SO, I had decided to get the navy Selma mini from the US, as my boyfriend is visiting in 38 days (to be exact), and that's likely when I'll use the bag most over summer, it's not like I need it immediately. I went to checkout, and damn...they don't accept non-US billing addresses:panic: I'd never asked my boyfriend to get me anything before, (I will pay him back, I just hate asking!) but he got it for me and in 38 days I will have my lovely bag :biggrin:


Apr 30, 2014
Havana Daydreamin'
Yay! Love it! Classic color that will go anything. I have one in Pearl Grey and love it! I like that the crossbody strap is actually long enough for crossbody (lots of times they fall an inch or 2 too short on me). I can't wait to see your pix when you get it! :smile: