The long strap for the Pochette

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  1. does Elux carry it? cannot seem to find it... or what is it called, how much? etc. thanks!
  2. They do but it's rarely on there. I forget the exact name but I believe it's about $75?
  3. They do but it's rarely on there. It's called the Bandouliere I believe and runs about $155.
  4. Actually, here you go, it's on there now:
    (The elux link keeps showing "null" so I just redid the link but it still takes you to elux):

  5. Thank you!
  6. You're welcome!
  7. ^That's the long skinny strap you can use for the pochette. Was originally designed for the HL sac.
  8. Yup :yes:
    I saw someone recently sell their pochette on eBay with this one included. It's really quite long, I was surprised.
  9. Dear LVbabydoll,

    How about the long strap for damier pochette acc ? is it same price with the natural cowhide as picture shown above for mono pochette acc ?

    Thank you.
  10. That, I'm not sure of. I think this might be close but I don't see it on elux right now
  11. tq
  12. from the measurements , i'm still a bit unsure :smile:
    although the site has stated that it can be use across the body. Because i'm quite tall..

    Anyone using the strap ?
  13. ^^It'll definitely work. The pochette is quite small and the strap is 45"'s how it looked on the one in the auction I mentioned:
  14. lvbabydoll , wow!
    Thanks for the great help :smile:
    i think it would fit well.
  15. lvbabydoll I love your graffiti with a long strap