the long road to a perfect WALLET.

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  1. #1 Oct 14, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
    so at my local macy's sat a kristin op art brown/khaki large wallet.
    and i have been eyeing it since i bought my chainlink maggie.
    $228 is pretty steep for me, at least at the time it was.

    so alice, my wonderful sales associate (who got me the 35% off the maggie) tells me, hey we're having friends and family on the 16th. come back and get it. now this was the second to last week of september &i'm not a moron, i knew it would be gone, but she insisted.

    i went in last week, it was still there. pretty pumped at that moment.
    so i went to go get it yesterday (cause i ran out of patients) when i picked up two pairs of coach shoes and it was GONE!

    now i'm super picky with wallets and this is devasting to me. it's still on the website but i'm super nervous about ordering it and wish i could get a discount on it some how.

    what i'm looking for in a wallet is to be (perferably signature, i'll take op art if i have to) is brown/khaki, brass hardware, and have the same fabric on the check book cover (must be large).

    i've looked everywhere for the old C's with brass hardware and now all i see in the old siggy stuff is silver hard ware. i'm pairing up this wallet with my carly.

    i want to match up the chainlink madison wallet with my maggie at some point if i can find one.

    wallet in question:$browse_viewall$

    i fear i'm gonna end up with the brown leather madison wallet, and i dont want to cause i know the printed logo on the inside will wear off. and that will kill me.
  2. Look into the Penelope. That was a nice line!
  3. ^ well to my suprise i just scored one on ebay for 189, free shipping!

    good thing i took a look!

    i will take a look at the penelope though, thanks.
  4. defintely liking this: