the long hello

  1. what's the longest you've waited to acquire a specific (or random:nuts:) bag directly from hermes? did you sit patiently on a wait list and get a call, or did you have to do leg work and hunt it down?
  2. Not my story personally, but I heard of one woman who waited 4 years for a special order.
  3. for a special order, i think that's pretty understandable/reasonable - she knew she would get it, she knew it would be made for her. those are strong enticements.
  4. The worst I heard was indirectly from my manicurist. She told me another of her clients had to wait 6 years, and it wasn't even a special order.
  5. I was expecting to wait a long time, but about 3 weeks after I put the request in with my SA she called.
  6. In January 2005, I placed an order for a rouge H chevre 25cm Kelly, rigide, gold h/w. In June 2005, my SA called me to let me know that my order was canceled because Hermes was having trouble with rouge H. So, in July 2005, they placed my order for a rouge vermillion chevre 25cm Kelly, rigide (I don't think they called it sellier back then), gold h/w. To this day, my lovely Kelly is just a dream. I spoke with my store manager last month when I bought my Bolide and she said that Paris had advised her it was coming soon. A year and a half for a vermillion chevre Kelly? Seems like a very long time to me!
  7. One year each for two Holy Grail bags.
  8. ^ and worth each day of waiting! 24's bags are amazing!
  9. one of those bags the Croc that you have showing now? What a stunning, stunning bag.

    I'm a impatient soul.....have a very, very hard time waiting. If it's not in the store I'll try to hunt it down. If I can't find it within a reasonable amount of time then I'm out of luck because my store doesn't take special orders and they never seem to have a waiting list either.
  10. Unfortunately I have to say I lack patience as well. I was on the waitlist for a black one for 2 years or so many years back, moved and forgot to update my info when it finally dawned on me that I needed to update the info and was told, very apologetically of course, that they had given my bag to someone else very close to the time I had called....BUT that gave me an opportunity and leverage to change my request for another color, and 9 months later, I got the call that it was being sent to me. :yahoo: I have to say that the wait did make the bag special, but I definitely don't force myself to wait through Hermes esp. if it's something rare that I'm looking for.
  11. luckily, i didn't have to order nor did i have to wait. thank heavens and thanks to my SA!

    but i recently (last month) ordered a Blue Brighton birkin 35 and we'll see what happens. *fingers crossed* i just hope that since it's a new color, one would become available at the store and they call me!

    but i do have a friend that ordered a beige croc 35 birkin 4 years ago and still has not arrived. sometimes i wonder about this order list? hhhmmmmm.....
  12. Pazt, was your friend's Beige Croc ordered or is it still on the list? If it's ordered, did they ever say it's confirmed or did they just say it's placed? What I found out is that sometimes something doesn't come for years because it's still sitting at the waitlist and didn't get ordered, but the SAs don't always inform you of that ...
  13. When the time is right I think I will have to hunt the Kelly down.:yes:
  14. Same thing happened to me: Yes, your order went through. Then, I didn't see it on the list. Well, let's try again. Now, it'll be around a year.
  15. What do they mean when they said they didn't see it on the list? The list that shows what's coming that year or the list that shows order is confirmed?:flowers: