The long awaited tobacco Kooba Ginger

  1. Okay guys, I won this Ginger on eBay on July 10 and it finally arrived today. :yahoo:

    I've gotta say it's GORGEOUS. The exact same leather as my Maria. This bag is going to work on the days I need a bit more room to play with. I used the Maria a couple of times for work, but realized it was just a little too small for my work needs, but the Maria will work for weekends, when I just need wallet, sunnies, keys and bare makeup essentials, so it won't be redundant.

    What I find strange is that the Ginger looks and feels like the perfect size, but as soon as I see myself wearing it in the mirror, it looks enormous, but it doesn't feel enormous. does that make sense? It's comfortable and practical. This is definitely a great bag and I'm extremely happy with it. It works on the shoulder really well. I don't find it heavy at all, which makes me wonder if I'm just used to heavy bags.

    Hubby gave me $375 yesterday, which was money due to him at work. I'm going to tell him I spent it on Ginger.
    KoobaGinger1.JPG KoobaGinger2.jpg KoobaGinger3.jpg KoobaGinger4.jpg KoobaGinger5.jpg
  2. I tried to take some pics using the mirror method. Not very good but you'll get a reasonable idea, I hope.

    By the way, the outdoor pics are the best representation of the true color of the tobacco Ginger.
    KoobaGingerInHand.JPG KoobaGingerOnMe.JPG KoobaGingerOnMe2.jpg
  3. See, Minimouse? All good things come to those who wait.....and isn't it just wonderful that your secret Ada can now come out of hiding, possibly??????
  4. Compass Rose, I'm still trying to figure out how I can convince hubby that his $375 went all the way to affording a Ginger AND an Ada. I don't think it will work, so one of them will need to remain in hiding a little longer than the other, unless I can make him believe the Maria just grew bigger!
  5. The Maria 'grew' bigger?? Oh come now. *chuckling

    Of course though, my hubby thinks my two Jessies (raisin and bourbon) are the same bag, just looking different in certain light. Who am I to correct him?

    I must say the color tobacco is beautiful and the leather is just perfect.
  6. The tobacco color is just beautiful Mini! Congratulations. I think it's a great size for when you need a bigger tote kind of bag.
  7. Hoo, hoo! That's great!!! Mini???? Sounds like you can possibly do the same....This reminds me that we should start a thread on the excuses we give our husbands in order to keep our bags!!!
  8. Wow, looks great on you...congrats!!
  9. Doesn't look enormous on you at all (which makes me think it's time to get that Carla before it's going to be way too late..was a bit worried about it being massive, but think they are similar sized) thanks for those photos, Mini:smile:
  10. That tobacco is the perfect color, I can't imagine why the didn't produce those bags in that color! You must be in heaven, having 2 of them, lucky you.:drool:
  11. Very pretty color! I think the photos of you wearing her are great and really show how the bag looks being worn.
  12. I would truly love to have a Kooba in that color. They really missed it on this one. This would have been a good selling color. So...I have one else has any...and Mini has two. Now is that fair???
  13. I have to admit that at this moment in time I'm seriously loving the size of the Ginger. It's wonderful to have all that space, even though I don't fill it. I love to toss my things inside, without having to be strategic about how they're placed (messy moo I know!). I'm sitting here at work drooling over this bag, thinking I need it in every color under the sun! I particularly love the way it works as a tote, but also as a shoulder bag. It's a real hit with me.

    Initially I wasn't in love with the idea of a bag right under my arm pit, but it doesn't feel that way and heck it's comfortable and I'm finding I love to hold this bag on my arm, which is a first for me, it makes me feel more sophisticated (if that's possible!).

    As for the tobacco color, why oh why didn't Kooba follow through with this? I know it would be a sure fire winner.

    My poor tobacco Maria is sitting in my closet feeling betrayed and I'm not sure she'll get used, but I'm going to try and bring her out and use her, but at the moment my tote fetish seems to have started and is on the uprise!

    Lexie, a lot of you have doubled up, so I thought I'd join the club!
  14. What a pretty bag, lovely color. I like Ginger better than Carla as she's not as tall and has the great side pockets. I'm going to a work seminar in Orlando tomorrow and plan to stop by the Off Fifth there - maybe I'll find one of these :graucho:
  15. Hi Compass! that is too funny you say 'out of hiding', am I the only one who has hidden a handbag?? I hope not, I sometimes wait a while and if he asks, I just say "oh this old thing? I bought it ages ago!" it actually works :true: