The long awaited New Hermes Pink (Birkin)!

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  1. Dear Fellow Hermes fans...
    I want to introduce myself as (first and foremost) a passsssionate collector of all things Hermes, but mostly Birkins and Kelly if I must be truthful about what I actually wind up "wearing". :smile:
    I always wore Hermes, even in the 90s when the kelly was still a "lady's" bag and the Birkin was totally unknown to the general public. Working in fashion at the time, many a celebrity or model I would style would ask me to please "hook them up" with a Birkin or Kelly in this and that color/ material. Which I did, happily taking a finder's fee commission in the middle which I always wound up spending in my next Hermes bag :graucho: because god knows fashion editors get paid a pittance! Anyway, I have often heard of the Purse Forum from my clients and friends, and decided to register today. Because I love to talk about bags, and can maybe inform of new colors, & materials etc... And I am SO impressed by everyone's enthusiasm in this Forum!!! Bravo to you all!:nuts:
    My subject today is the NEW Hermes PINK! Yes, that's right, there's a new Hermes pink and it's gorgeous beyond belief!!!:yahoo: Hermes has always made pink in small leather goods, but always they were Framboise and Fuchsia, which they recently even made in croc, ostrich and even leather. But personally I am not such a fan of the fuschia pink, finding it gorgeous on olive skin, or dark complexions, but a bit .. well.. gaudy on the fairer complexion skins. Especially if one is blonde it can look really tacky unless you're careful. So you can imagine I was THRILLED when I hear there was a new pink out. So far I shall only be getting it in Croc, and my sources tell me it's not even planned in leather yet, as they haven't found any way to make it "stick" and even the few crocs made will be rare. There are already approx 4 or 5 in circulation that were made for mega Hermes VIPs and I was lucky enough to have to opportunity to work with one quite a few months ago and see it thus in person. And I can tell you it's "the perfect pink"! Not too pale ( rose beige is so pale that you can sometimes confuse it just for off white) and fuschia is just too strong ( in my personal taste/ opinion).The official color name is "Rose Indienne" ( Indian Rose in Eng) which is the rose often used for perfumes since it is smaller in size and stronger in smell.
    I will gladly send photos if anyone is interested. :rolleyes: It exists in Crocodile Porosus only ( so far- as you know with Hermes, things change monthly), and I shall have one in Glossy type croc ( the stiff ultra shiny kind) and a semi matte (supple croc not totally matte has some sheen to it and positively shines after you start using it a bit).
    Best regards,
  2. :wondering :huh:
  3. Welcome, and that sounds lovely!!

    Probably to save you some time from having to e-mail everyone here individually, it would be great if you could put an attachment a post so everyone can view it?
    I'd love to see it - it sounds so pretty!
  4. Hmm... You're selling it?
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    there re a lot of things fishy in that post of the opener
  6. Post the picture here to save yourself from lots of pm's. We share everything here!!! Oh, and welcome...another new member!
  7. Fish market, today?:sos:
  8. :graucho: i just HAD to ask :graucho:

  9. No, I am not Haley's Couture. ( I sell privately and on Ebay) In fact, I have not yet heard of anyone ( including friends in Palm Beach who'se ever purchased from them (Haley's) and can give me feedback) what I find odd is that their Paris address would place them a few feet away form the Hermes mother house, which seems a bit doubtful.. And no one in Palm Beach that I know has even heard of them?:wtf: They have a lovely website. But I'm very wary, and, again, can't tell you anything about them, since I've never heard of anyone I know personally buying anything from them. Regards,
    PS- I see ( and very much like your name: Crusade against fakes is great!:yes: Let me ask you what can be done when you actually see a fake on Ebay and want to try to avoid some poor sould getting scammed out of thousands ( and lately with all those new fake crocs) tens of thousands of dollars?) I am a powerseller and have asked and all they tell me is that I can only fill out the item number ins the "report a counterfeit item" page, and that's it. But that has NEVER shut an auction down.. and it troubles me terribly. for over a year now, I take about 2 hours a week to report all the fake Birkins I see on Ebay to the safety commission they have. But it seems to do nothing but waste my time and energy!

    Since you are a "crusader" :smile: maybe you have a more efficient method? If so kindly advise.
    Fakes on Ebay is bad for everyone.:rant: And some poor unsuspecting soul WILL and HAVE bid/ ought one ( I get emails all the time from people asking me to authenticate what they just bought since Hermes won't do it anymore ( or at least not "officially" like they used to). And I'm just sick and tired of Ebay not having stricter rules or something to avoid these super high priced almost perfect replicas...
    Anyway, I'd love your feedback on the subject - but perhaps this should be under another ( new) thread/ post / subject- Just getting a handle on the lingo still.
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. :rolleyes: :upsidedown:

    ok so you are a super hermès vvvvvip and do not even get the facts straight?

    waiting for pics
  12. Fall in line, girl, and file a complaint. Then call on Team Know Your seller ( who seems to know how to smoke out scamsters. Credit files, name it!

  13. whats ur ebay username?
  14. LaBoiteOrange, which magazine do you work for? I work for a fashion magazine too. Maybe you want to PM?

    BTW, Welcome and congratulations!!
  15. would love to see pics!
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