The long-awaited Emerald City

  1. Is this really the third new Emerald bag to be posted here within the last 24 hours? It seems like this colour has gotten more popular recently, but maybe I'm wrong. It didn't appear to be a super-popular colour, but it seems fans are popping up like daisies...

    Anyway. My City came yesterday, and I love the colour, but somehow I'm kind of disappointed. :sad: I don't know what it is... I knew the leather would be veiny, and I don't really mind veins, but it's so smooth and stiff (although not, mercifully, thin). I don't know... I realise that it will break in and get a little bit "fluffier" over time, but it still comes as a bit of a letdown. I almost wish I could've found one on eBay that had already been carried a bit.

    So, I'm not as over the moon as I'd expected to be (I think it was all the anticipation... I'm not sure any bag could have lived up to that), but I am going to keep it and use it.

  2. I think you'll be happier with it after it gets broke in a bit. That seems to be true with a lot of bbags.....the more you use them the better they look. I love the color! Congrats on a very pretty new bag.
  3. Well I think it's gorgeous! Just wear it a lot, it'll get smushier, and you'll be grabbing for it everytime you leave the house! You can put so much in it.
  4. Is that the 06' emerald??
  5. She's gorgeous, I think you have to carry a bag a little while and "bond". I felt the same way about my truffle and now I love it.
  6. i personally love your bag!
  7. I'm sorry you're not terribly excited, but I love her! Emerald is such a pretty color. I think you might like her more in time.
  8. i love my 06 emerald city! It is much more loveable now after some breaks in so nicely...the leather def. softens and fluffs out! now i cant help but caress and squeeze the leather whenever i am out with it.

    urs look beautiful... hope u grow to love it more with each use like i had...
  9. Congrats ...Great choice:drool: Emerald is great colour and will go with many outfits. Hey why don't you post some pics of you modeling it? that would be really cool.
  10. Your Emerald is a jewel! Give her a few months and she'll be everything you set your expectations to. Having seen a pic of the Cheshire Cat I think you made a fantastic choice in color - Emerald must look so good on you!!
  11. It looks great Cheshire and I think it will definitely look beautiful with age and use. I broke my bags in quickly by carrying some heavy books for a few days. Loosens up that stiff leather in no time. And bang it around a bit, bbags love being thrown around....well, maybe only mine do!
  12. :drool:That bag is TDF!!!
    It looks like it will break in and be even more gorgeous, if that is even possible.
    If you still don't bond with her, send her my way!!
  13. That is the city I've always wanted...I love it and think it is beyond a great color! I think it is a perfect BBag. Congrats on that being acquired by you!
  14. Thank you to everyone for your compliments and kind words! I'm feeling a lot better about the bag this morning... I still don't know what caused my initial "blah" but I'm feeling less fickle now. :smile:

    I think I need to play dress-up with it when I have a bit of free time and see what it looks nice with, and then just wear it to death until it breaks in a bit.

    To the ladies who are looking for Emerald, Aloha Rag still has the colour in several styles.

    You guys have all made me feel so much better about this bag, and I really, really appreciate it. TPF ladies are the best! :flowers:
  15. Emerald is a great colour! Congratulations!

    I wish you well,