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  1. I mean with the protective feel and wider strap.
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  2. Ah gotcha with the strap, albeit I don't feel much difference but I don't wear my smalls anymore (I probably should sell them but #MyBabies). Not sure what you mean by protective feel though?
  3. Wish feet on bags would be considered just as important as a zipper or secure flap closure. #givemesomefeet
  4. You mean with the bottom feet and thicker strap? I for one sure hope so!
  5. I am blown away, I honestly never noticed??? This is why I love this forum, y'all get me off my bum to check these things and I learn so much :heart: I'm now comparing the old Flamencos to the new ones and now am in a pile of bags XD
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    Hi Monique! The gate bag you posted a while back is georgeous. I still have my puzzle in the dust bag, I don't want to use it until I decide for sure what color I want so I can exchange it If I decide to. I will have to say after Looking at the Loewe website, I'm also interested in the gate. It's a beautiful purse! How easy is it to get in and out of the bag with the flap on the gate?
  7. Very easy. You just pull the flap out & slide back in. To be honest with you, I just put away my puzzle up for sale. As much as I love the beautiful design & color. I never reached for it. The gate bag, I used right away. The only downside is that it has a round bottom. It may not fit as much as you think. Still descent size so I don't have a problem with that. You may find pictures that I posted the close-up of the bag sometime earlier. Good luck deciding.
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  8. Thank you! That's very helpful!
  9. Modshots of the new mini drawstring Hammock on Chinese pop star Victoria :smile:
    1C37AA77-89DA-4A63-B2A6-73AC67454FB1.jpeg BFE86B58-EF58-4164-A12D-9C6E0F17BF06.jpeg
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    Not sure I’m going to go for it, but the Customisation service looks cool! I saw it in Nagoya but alas is not at my local. I wonder the price!

    EDIT: apologies for the link not working! Here it is:

  11. I really hope so. Why to change such a loved bag in the first place? I really wanted to get it in small but especially the strap change is the only reason why I am not buying at the moment. I've already send mails to the customer service and I suggest anybody who thinks the same do contact them so that they become aware of the frustration they've created ;)
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  12. She must be tiny...
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  13. That's exactly what I was thinking!
  14. sorry to be OT but the piggie is just too cute :angel:
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  15. Spotted small Gate in blue in NYC. Love all the colors of the Gate.

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