The LOEWE thread: Share your love here!

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  1. I actually prefer grained leather and anthracite is more unusual than black, but that just me. [emoji4]
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  2. It looks fabulous on you!
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  3. I prefer the grained leather too. It is definitely more unusual than black but the lighting sometimes makes it look bluish grey which clashes with my skin tone. As much as I don't want to return it, I think I'm going to order the puzzle in the caramel color instead,in the grained leather in medium.

    Thank you!
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    Thank You! I agree the color is nice but it has doesn't suit my skin tone under certain lighting. it looks too grey? I'm thinking about ordering the light caramel color instead.

    I like the way the medium slouches too. That's why I decided on the medium size.:smile:
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  5. Thank you:heart:
    I know right?:biggrin: Now I want another one with diffrent color lol :doh:

    Thank you!! Now I want tan or gray color lol:doh: I wanted a small puzzle but when I tried at SCP, small looked really really tiny in me:sad: And ended up with medium :smile:
  6. It looks perfect on you!! Love the color as well:smile: Before I got mine, I was debating between small vs medium since I don't carry much with me. when I tried small it was so tiny on my frame( 5'5 size 10) and the shape of the bag was much nicer with medium IMO :smile: so I ended up getting medium:biggrin: All I carry is lv mini pochette, car key and cushion pact lol But I would def get another one with different color in future maybe in different size too!!:heart:
  7. I honestly like the color you have better than black.
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  8. Yeah, I initially bought the small and exchanged for the medium! I love the strap on the medium too! It's a very nice purse! It would be nice to have all the colors! I do think the black looks great on you! :smile:
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    Thanks! I like the grey too but it does wash me out a little or clashes with my skin tone, I didn't realize that until I got home and was looking in the mirror. That's why I was considering the black. I've seen other people with the black and it's looks great. I really like the sand/mink the best but don't want to worry about keeping it clean all the time. I would like to have all the colors!
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  10. I want to have puzzle but torn between small and mini. Anyone know what can fit in mini? Does 19cm wallet can be fit in mini?
  11. I finally pulled the trigger and got a black medium Puzzle from the Montaigne store :smile:
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  12. I don't own a mini but I did go to try them on. I have a 7 inch wallet (~18 cm) and it wasn't quick putting the wallet in and taking it out. The thing to note is that the mouth doesn't go the full way across the bag. You're best off with a small wallet or a card holder to maximize space in a mini. If you want a full size wallet to fit comfortably plus other items then the small is better.
  13. Thanks! Will go for small then:smile:
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  14. Do you guys think Loewe will ever go back to the original Puzzle design for the small?
  15. I don't think they have ever changed the design, my first Puzzle was of the OG range and its the same as one I bought this year. They've changed the Amazona and Flamencos (I miss the tassels!), though. I love what Jonathan Anderson is doing!