The LOEWE thread: Share your love here!

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  1. #1 Aug 24, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2015
    Here's the Amazona:

    (pics removed)
  2. Those are gorgeous Loewe's Co-Co! I've been wanting to add Loewe to my collection ever since seeing some of these in Europe. The trouble is... which to choose??

    (I am seriously coveting an Amazona, after your pics. In camel, I think. Do you know if they have this at the Ave Montaigne boutique and how much it might be?)

    Thank you for posting these!
  3. Hi Gina!:smile:

    I've bought the Amazona at Barcelona's airport. There is a Loewe's corner (Montblanc, Tag Heuer...).
    The price was 580 euros aproximately but we pay taxes... It's the little amazona.
    I don't know if Loewe Paris sells the Amazona but I'm almost sure of it because it's THE bag...
    I can just phone Loewe to ask some questions if you want...
  4. It's very kind of you to offer to ask Loewe. I'd be happy if you asked them, but only if you're already going to talk to an SA there -- I wouldn't want you to trouble yourself on my account!

    The mini Amazona is just the size I was looking for (the maxi seems a bit large, like a Balenciaga Work bag, I think)! My brother will be flying to Barcelona in a couple of weeks, maybe I can get him to pick one up for me! ... Hmm.... this may require some advance planning and persuasion (my brother has no interest in bags).
  5. It's not a problem to ask for the amazona, really!;)
    If your brother travels to Barcelona, it could be an advantage to demand to Loewe's seller the "aldeasa card".


    This card gives you 5% cashback of all you'll buy at Aldeasa's shops!! Two weeks later, you will receive at home one "cheque" and you"ll be able to use it for your next purchase.

    Your brother can ask for it at Loewe's shop and use this card to have som cashback.
  6. The Loewe "pockets" bag is very nice!
  7. What an excellent idea about the Aldeasa card, Co-Co! Thanks! I'm sure my brother will think it worthwhile, too.
  8. Coco, its such a lovely bag, love the camel color. such a classic... I am also in search of The Loewe Bag- Amazona. Will you be able to tell you the size ( length) of yours ( mini?) Thanks!
  9. 26x22x13 cm (sorry for the "cm"...):sweatdrop:

    I'm going to take some other pictures.....
  10. Hi Co Co, great taste in Loewe!! COuld I ask you what is the tax (VAT) refund like for putchases in Europe? I would be going to Rome to buy the Loewe Amazona and was wondering how much it would cost and how much VAT can I get back? If you could advise me, that will be great. Thanks!
  11. oh i love them!!!
  12. anybody know the size of the Loewe pockets? I want to get it....It's gorgeous!!!
  13. the Loewe Amazona is so gorgeous!:drool:
  14. Coco, may i know if this bag is made in China or Spain?:smile:
  15. I realised the brand Loewe is not very popular in this forum. Am I wrong? But I would like to meet some loewe lovers or even Anterprima plastiq lovers. I love their bags and are very much puzzled why there no designer forum dedicated to them on TPF?