the lockit came with a lock?

  1. Hi, just got the miroir lockit, there was no lock. Did yours for those who got it came with a lock?
  2. My lockit H came with one .. if there is a place for it you should have one, Call lv that you got your bag from or go in and ask for one.
  3. yes it should come with the lock & your SA asap!!
  4. ^ Yep yep
    It deffinatly came with a lock & 2 Keys,
    In a really shiny Silver.
  5. Yes-lock & 2 LV ASAP
  6. yes, lock with 2 keys in a small box.
  7. yup mine has a lock and 2 keys.. call your sa!
  8. Congrats, u managed to get it. Show us pics & which country did you finally get it from?