The Lock

  1. Ladies, I just got my baby (pic in Avatar) and I need help setting her up. Where do you put the lock?. Just away in the drawer, hang it on her? little confused on this one... Thanks for your help..
  2. I'm not a "put the lock on the outside" sort of girl - just personal preference. I always take my locks, put them in their designated dust bag and drop them inside the purse but maybe that's because I am afraid I will missplace it if I don't! :rolleyes:

    BTW, that is one gorgeous beauty you have there!
  3. Here's a pic, AMAMXR!!!! Please post more pics.....she's gorgeous!!!!
  4. ^that's where I hang mine, too.
  5. yup! mine too!
    That is one gorgeous bag you have there!
  6. Wow Ama, thats a beautiful bag!! :heart:

    Congrats on your new baby!
  7. Thank you- I am still in:nuts::nuts: I need a Valium!! :p:p This is a really quick pic and doesn't do this piece of art justice.. I like where you have placed the lock I think I may try that...
  8. ^ That's where most people put the lock. I love to show it off!! Gorgeous Kelly!
  9. So beautiful...:love:
  10. Lovely!
  11. amamxr, piece of art, indeed! A gorgeous piece of wonder you were so excited.
  12. Amamxr ur bag is gorgeous .shopmom so is ur what is the size shopmom ,because that is the xact type i want
  13. Oh you got a Hermés bag! Congratulations, beautiful, love the colour!!
  14. Congrats Amamxr!