The lock on some bags...

  1. Hi girls, perhaps someone has already posted a thread like this, but I didn't find it in the search...:shame:

    Well, you know some bags come with the lock.
    Someone bring it as a charm. For example, my mother put the lock closed in her old speedy, but with the passing of years the lock as ruined the leather flap (all dark ana a little deformed).
    So I didn't put it on my speedy.

    with some models, where there is a metal ring (Lockit) is not a question of ruining the bag.
    In this case, what do you think about?

    - if I put a charm or a bandeau on a Lockit, doesn't look the lock excessive? In your opinion there are difference in the "output" between different kind of bag? Mono, Epi, Suhali...


  2. I think it's a good alternative to putting it on the leather flap. I'd have to see it with the bandeau to see if it looks excessive though.
  3. why not but I would like to see pics too.
  4. I think with bags Ie the lockit its great to have it on the metal ring... for bags that dont have that option ie speedy I would use it as a charm.. None of my speedies have the lock on them. In fact they are hanging on the inside of my speedies.
    I also have a laneyard (short one) with my lock attached hanging from the mirror in my car :smile:

    otherwise you can use a pochette extender and attach the lock to it..then hang it off the handle.
  5. here is a pic

  6. ...:nuts: What a superchic idea for the bags with the inner D-ring!!!:yes::tup:
    :graucho:You have class, girl!:p

  7. Brilliant ! I went to though and could not find one. Where can I get one? I got the Damier Ebony Speedy 25 for Christmas and altering the location of the lock like you did above I think would look great on my bag. Thanks.