The lock on my new Damier Speedy 30

You can exchange it if it bothers you. The lock always gets scratch first though. No way to prevent that since it's the first thing you notice since it's so shiny.
Yuck, if someone scratched before you did, you'd better exchange it. I'd rather buy a perfectly new one and scratch it myself, than let someone do it before me! ;)
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Have you used the bag? If so its possible that is when it happened. Like others have said its going to scratch. Personally i wouldnt worry about it, but that is just me.
I have a question about the Damier speedy many stitches are on the handle tabs? Mine has 6 but I thought all speedy bags had 5. I got mine on e bay and am almost 100% sure it is real (I have many other pieces I purchased in the store) but was just wondering about this....thanks