The lock from my Speedy 25 is ruining the leather! Help!

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  1. For those who own the Speedy 25...

    do you always keep your lock on your bag? my bag is five months old and the leather stub that holds the lock has turned dark from the lock rubbing against it. does anyone else have this problem? i love the look of the lock so i'd hate to take it its probably too late to take the darkness out of the leather?
  2. that's the reason i NEVER put the lock on my bag, eventhough i love how the lock looks on it. i'm too scared it'll get that dark stain. the stain is from the lock tarnishing, but i wouldn't know how to take it out, since i don't have that problem.
  3. You can try wiping the stain with a baby wipe or rubbing it with a white art eraser. The stain can be avoided by regularly removing the lock & polishing it with some toothpaste or brasso. I store my bags with lock off & wrapped in tissue, the tissue seems to keep it from tarnishing so quickly.
  4. thanks sophiae and taco! i'll try that cleaning method..but unfortunately i think i'm going to have to live with the tarnishing because i love the lock so much.
  5. Yes, keep the lock on. It's part of the bag!
  6. I keep lock in a box.
  7. I never keep the lock on my speedy.
  8. I, too, keep my lock on my speedy at all times- part of the charm for me.
  9. I keep mine on. I think it makes it look a little less plain and gives it some spice! I actually didn't even notice the darkening.
  10. You can take it off and wipe the tab with baby wipes, most of the stain should come off.
  11. i'd rather have that lock do that to the leatehr than to take it off =] yeah try cleaning the lock once in awhile.
  12. i feel the same way i as you..i love the look but can see it starting to pull and mess up the leather :sad:
  13. Yes, I have left my lock on my speedy for one year, and it has slightly discolored the leather. I like it that way. It is only noticable if I move the lock.
  14. I always keep my locks on too, but yes it does darken the leather. If you don't like it just remove the locks. Personally I think it just adds to the charm of the speedy, but to each her own...
  15. I only put my lock on my damier speedy. I don't use my lock for my mono speedy b/c of this very reason.