The little Spiaggia Caramella that could!

  1. As some of you have heard, one of the interns from my software company lives in Hawaii, and he went home for the Labor Day holiday. I gave him a ride to the airport in exchange for a Tokidoki pickup at Ala Moana. With a little phone print placement, he was able to get me the perfect Spiaggia Caramella! I totally love it, and I'm very pleased with the intern. I'll certainly be giving him a great review (he is also a good programmer) :graucho:.
    Caramella1.jpg Caramella2.jpg
  2. hehe how sweet, surfing monkeys on both sides :biggrin:
  3. Wow...congrats he got you an awesome one!! :love: My boyfriend wanted one w/adios on it but we weren't able to find one not to mention the fact that we were ordering blind from Azalea so that lowered our chances!!
  4. haha good job! :p It's got such cute placement!!
  5. Very cute!!!
  6. Aww, that was awesome of him, gingiemay! and it's adorable!
  7. Very cool, congrats. It's very pretty! I love the surfing monkey!
  8. Wow! they still have Spiaggia in Caramella? My brother works right by that Lesportsac..maybe I will have him check on a Bocce for me in Spiaggia....That would be sweet. Will they do phone placement?

  9. yay. hello little spiaggia that could! :biggrin:

    It's very cute! He did a good job on the placement. xD

    edit; lara they probably do have them. :smile:
  10. Thanks, ladies! I love surfing Adios, and the surfer girl, "Nancy" as I like to call her 'coz she looks like my surfing friend.

    Kitzka, I'm not sure if Ala Moana does print placement over the phone, but they helpfully brought out all their Spiaggia Caramellas so that he could describe them to me. You can always give them a call and try, worst case is they say no.
  11. Awwww!! I :heart: Surfing Adios!! :drool: Congrats on your new baby!!
  12. Congrats on your new Caramella =) I love it! I didn't realize how big caramellas were until recently. For some reason, I thought they were a lot smaller, like 5 inches long. It's so cute =)
  13. Congrats!:yahoo:
  14. cute
  15. Thanks, ladybugpoop! It is quite large, you can fit a ton of stuff in there for clutch or makeup. I wish they still made carmellinas too :crybaby: