The Little Gym


    Has anybody done any of the parent/child classes?

    Is it worth the time? Did your baby like it?
  2. Never had classes there, but I have taken my son to birthday parties there and it's really cute. The facility near me was very clean, but some of the instructors there were questionable.
  3. I don't know anything about The Little Gym, but I know there is a My Gym in your area. My friend with a 9 month old daughter goes there & loves it. We have been going to My Gym in Vegas since my 2 1/2 year old was 13 months old. They have very age appropriate classes. You may want to check it out :smile:
  4. Thanks for your responses!

    I have a free trial class tomorrow. Its raining here. So I didn't want to waste my time and leave the house in this weather unless it was worth it.

    I hope our instructor isn't questionable.
  5. My daughter takes the Beasts (toddler) class every Saturday (my husband takes her while I go to my aerobics class), and on Fridays My Gym comes to her school and she attends that as well. They're honestly some of her favorite parts of the week she talks about going nonstop for the three days before.
  6. I started taking my son to The Little Gym when he was 19 months. He is now 2 1/2 years old and LOVES it. He was quite shy in the beginning and it really helped him open up. It is also wonderful as it teaches them how to interact with a teacher. We really love it.
  7. LOVE IT! They have a PSN (parent's survival night) at my Little Gym at least once a month (Fri.) for members. For $25 you drop kidlett off at 6pm, they get run of the equipment, pizza/juice dinner and a G-movie and you pick them up at 10pm. Makes a perfect date night and can't beat the "babysitting" fee!