the little bbag that no one loved....

  1. there's a bbag i've been seen for auction so many times....

    i've been tracking her from place to place...

    i remember when she jumped from one tPF'er to another... then someone else...

    ARGH! I just feel so sad when a bag can't find a home (and even worse when sometimes that home is not mine..... bye bye Mini Bowling:crybaby: )

    some bags are just too pretty to be a homeless fosterchild.

    (some of you probably know which bbag I am talking about... too afraid to post b/c last time i posted something it was BIN'ed :wtf: :crybaby: )
  2. poor little bag But I need a City!!
  3. I say go for it... :yes:
  4. awe, i don't know which bag you're talking about, but you should get her sweetie!!! :tender:
  5. I know how you feel! If it's the bag I'm thinking of, you should go for it!! Goodluck and let us know if you get her.....She would love a home with you!:heart:
  6. Awww! Perhaps you should give this little Bbag a loving home since it's caught ya eye for a while now? :yes:
  7. Surely there's a wee little corner of your closet for her?
  8. I've definitely done that before. Felt bad for a bag that's been up for auction many times and not sold - even when the price is great. I remember there was a lovely emerald twiggy that was neglected for awhile and finally sold after being reduced to $600 or something. I almost wanted to buy it just so it could find a home.
  9. AWWWW....I don't know what bag you are referring to but you should get it !
  10. i think i know which one you are talking about and i have watched her, too. i was really interested, but the fact that it keeps getting traded around makes me super nervous that something is wrong with it. it's a gorgeous little i don't why someone just got her and then put her right back up for auction (and at a higher price then they got it for). makes me uneasy:s
  11. bump....

    from B.Panda to J.Live to me! SHE'S HOME!!!!! I love her!!! She's a keeper for sure. The leather is so smooshy/slouchy. She's perfect.
  12. WooooooW!!! She is BEAutiful!!!!! *swoon* I'm so glad you managed to home her... I would have totally bought her if I'd seen the auction!!! Yeay for little turquoise! She finally found herself a loving mama!!! :biggrin:
  13. Awwwwww congrats!

    She's one lucky girl!
  14. :drool: 0o0o SUPER CUTE!!! I'm glad its finally found a home!!! thanks for sharing a pic with us!
  15. Aw, she's lovely!!