The Lion The Witch & The Wallet !!!

Jan 23, 2006
I sometimes like to surprise My Husband with gifts,and cards and I know he is very attached to his Tumi collection so a couple of days ago I bought him a new Tumi wallet.

Now the Manager and the sales help were simply having a bad day huffing and puffing at everyone.( hence my Title )

Anyway my question is do you like to surprise your Husband/Boyfriend with gifts or do you wait for an occasion?

Does he like surprises ?
I got my BF a LV tie for Valentines. I tried to remember which one he said he really, really liked. I haven't seen him yet (cause of work and he lives 3 hours away) but will this weekend.
Suprising my hubby with gifts is like taking a drink of water. It quenches my thirst, but really dosent do much for him. He never wants a thing, he'd rather save the money. POOH POOH!
I love buying gifts for my boyfriend. When I walk around the mall, I'm constantly thinking "oh, would he want this?!" I never buy him anything too expensive though, unless it is an occasion.