The links between fakes and terrorism and child labour

  1. I was browsing Harper Bazaar's website and they have this special section reporting on fake luxury goods.
    There are some amazing articles written up about fakes which shows how they support terrorism and child labour.
    Click on the Bazaar Features and read these articles. If you or someone you know ever dismissed the fact that fakes support illegal activity, these articles should change your minds. They are very good reads:tup:

    Here's the link:
  2. Bravo for posting this....I never have agreed with the purchasing of Fakes, but some people really do not know what supporting these fakes can do to others...
    A great read!!!
  3. Thanks SO much for this post! I had been searching for articles/ threads about the evils of fakes after informing a coworker, and now I can give her this link!
  4. Thanks for posting! I've read many articles and threads about it so I *know* the info but can never find good pieces to present to others. Just wanted to make a post in here because my signature has a thread that I created about the selling of fakes at my university (where I mentioned it was linked to child labor but didn't back it up). May I link this thread in one of my future posts to that thread when I update it?
  5. wow what an interesting article. I bet there are a lot of people out there who have no idea. I think it is really a great idea to spread the awareness and to let people know what they are fueling when they purchase a fake.

  6. Yeah go ahead!

    I've been looking for solid info about this to and I'm glad to have finally found it. A lot of people seem to think that there is nothing illegal about fake luxury items so I hope by reading this it will change their minds.
  7. Thank you for posting!
    I'll let my friend read this. The loves counterfeit things :push: