The Lindy, Kelly Flat, Kelly So and Kelly Sport.. PICS ONLY!!!

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    Please post photos of your Lindy, Kelly flat, Kelly So and Kelly sport here, and include the size, color, leather, hardware and other helpful details for us to reference!

    This is a picture only thread.... NO CHATTER! Thank you!
  2. [​IMG]

    30cm Etoupe Clemence Lindy

    (photo courtesy of MK Listing and post via member of tPF)
  3. Naomi Cambell with 30cm Potiron Swift Lindy

  4. 34cm White Clemence Lindy


    Source: courtesy of MK (eBay listing)
  5. Bi-material Lindy (Swift & Toile)


    Source: Bag Snob's blog
  6. 34cm Rose Dragee Swift Lindy

    Source: MK's eBay listing
    34cm Rose Dragee Swift Lindy.jpg
  7. Etoupe Lindy in Swift

    Source: eBay (Hermes**)
    etoupe swift Lindy.jpg etoupe swift lindy 2.jpg
  8. 30cm Rouge Garance Clemence Lindy

    Source: eBay (ekc1122)
    30cm Rouge Garance Clemence Lindy.jpg 30cm Rouge Garance Clemence Lindy 2.jpg
  9. 34cm Blue Jean Clemence Lindy

    Source: eBay (hennessyhennessy)
    34cm BJ Clemence Lindy.jpg 34cm BJ Clemence Lindy 2.jpg
  10. Some 'old' runway & backstage photos of the Lindy

    Rouge G carried flung onto shoulder.jpg rose dragee Lindy.jpg Rouge Garance Lindy.jpg White Lindy.jpg
  11. 30cm Gold Clemence Lindy

    Source: eBay (hennessyhennessy)
    30cm Gold Clemence Lindy.jpg
  12. 30cm Black Swift Lindy

    Source: eBay (cannot recall name of reseller. Bag has been sold)
    30cm Black Swift Lindy.jpg
  13. orchids' (tPf member) 34cm Black Clemence Lindy in action
    orchids 34cm Black Clemence Lindy on shoulder.jpg orchids 34cm Black Clemence Lindy handheld.jpg
  14. 30cm Turquoise Swift Lindy with PH
    Miss Lindy.jpg Miss Lindy-3.jpg Miss Lindy-above.jpg Miss Lindy-up.jpg Miss Lindy in Action1.jpg