The Lindy bag

  1. oh WOW :upsidedown: If only I could just have a sneak peek! Thanks, Madame Wilde!
  2. LOL!!! Same for me.

    If I fall in love with the Lindy, I'll have to put up a kidney for sale..:shame:
  3. I had high-tea yesterday and one of my friend carry a Lindy. i'm still not attracted.
  4. dior, it would have been nice if you'd taken a picture with this friend of yours and show us what the Lindy looks like in real life, on someone's shoulders or hand carried or hanging from someone's arm!
  5. There are pics to show how the Lindy looks like on someone's shoulder & hand-carried here
  6. My store has several; I have to say I don't like at all, I was talking about it with my store manager and told him what my thoughts were, he said that another faithful customer had just bought two... I think it is selling well here in Italy...
  7. it reminds me on Tod's Mickey bag!
  8. That's what one of the SAs at my store said last year, when I asked her to describe what it looked like!
  9. Thank you, gigi!
  10. Thank you, duna for your update. Really appreciate it.

    I personally think the Lindy is a deliberate invention to target a younger, well-heeled younger market. It's a great contrast from what Hermes is used to doing. I think Hermes wants to launch the Lindy in a big bang this time. It will be a bag talked about for the rest of SS2007. Whilst I like the Lindy alot, I am not sure I appreciate the big bang approach because I moved on to Hermes to avoid the IT bag craze.
  11. ^^no. lindy will be another constance, jige. those who have the means & love it, buy lindy now coz' in the future, hermes may not produce as much lindys as it is now. lindy & medor clutch will not last long. soon, the hoo-haa about them will die soon. i've written articles of so many labels & over the years, when it comes to hermes, many (referring to youngsters) lust after the classic size birkin/kelly as their 1st H bag purchase.
  12. Gigi- thanks for that link! Nice to see what it looks like on someone- that is quite a price mark up too!
  13. Oooh, this bag looks good carried on the shoulder! I like the way it looks on the shoulder more than it being carried by the handles. Wah, now I REALLY want one. My SA has placed my name next to one but this thing is at least 5000 a pop. I kind of want to use that toward a Birkin or Kelly ...

    Decisions decisions! Plus I'm not sure if 34cm will be a good size for me since I prefer 30cm Birkins and 28cm Kellys...
  14. I was in Strasbourg, France today and went to the H shop. They had tons of Lindys! PM in etoupe and white in clemence. There was also the size bigger!

    I tried on the PM size and I although the style is quite original and interesting, I think it's a bit difficult to carry since it's bulky. Also, if you use the shoulder strap, I think you need to put the bag behind your arms since it's too bulky.
  15. I'm liking this bag :p