The Lindy bag

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  1. I am very interested in it.. Anyone own it or have good pics?? Anybody know about the price as well?? I would GREATLY appreciate it!

    Thank you in advance!:confused1:
  2. hi

    i think the bag will be released in the spring. H stores will be receiving them slowly. if you do a search in the forum, you can find members have posted pictures of thr bag...
  3. I watched the video of the fashion show today and that bag is really cool. I can't wait to see it in person.
  4. Thanks everyone! Does look pretty cute to me! Any idea on the retail for the Lindy??
  5. My SA on the East Coast said that the Lindy comes in one size - 34cm and retails for around $5200. She has put my name next to it but said that I don't have to buy it, just that she wants me to be the first to see it since it's in my "color".:P
  6. OK even if you don't buy it, you must sneak in a pic from your cell phone to us. My store is notoriously SLOW in getting in the newbies. Sigh.
  7. I will definitely ask about this bag later today when i stop by FSH boutique
  8. I'll ask, my store is the first to get things in the US, but the Europeans will get it faster. However, I am not sneaking pictures. I'm not about to ruin a good thing at that store.

  9. Thank you!!! and what is your color?? Hehehe... Will it come in red?
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    This is the fabulous younger cousin to the Birkin that you may not have to wait years for
    (though you should keep your name on the Birkin list cuz by the time you get it,
    you will finally be old enough to carry it).
    The Hermes Lindy is a stylish and super functional bag with double sided compartments
    so you can keep your stuff separate and organized.
    I love how it collapses in the center when empty but expands to hold all the essentials
    a girl needs to look gorgeous throughout the day.
    Available in leather or canvas with calfskin trim, this is THE bag I'm obsessing over
    for Spring (pink please, it will go with all of my Hello Kitty accessories).
    Just when I thought I couldn't love the House of Hermes more
    (though not so much that I'd name my son Hermes like that skanky has been Kelly Rutherford.
    Who is she you ask? Exactly) they delight me with a bag that will certainly
    earn a coveted place in my bag wardrobe.
    The Lindy is destined to sell out so call your local Hermes boutique quickly:
    Ask for Craig at Highland Park (214) 528-0197 or New York (212) 751 3181.
    Choose from size 30cm or 34 cm, prices range from $4300-$4800
  11. I was told it was about $5400 US. Euro about 3800...
    Im loving it...
  12. HG I'm telling need that 007 watch-camera! Yep!!!
  13. it come's in size 30cm or 34 cm, prices range from $4300-$4800