The Limelight Saga......Continued

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  1. Ok firstly I should point out that it actually BF that does all the chasing after bags I work in retail I can't be on the phone all day where as he can so he's like my bag hunting PA

    So the story so far can be found here

    Todays update....

    BF called my store twice no answer

    Called Bond street twice couldn't speak to the SA so asked for a call back, never happened

    Called the Unhelp line which told him there is a limelight in Harrods, they told him they could not connect him he would have to call Harrods and get connected through them

    He calls Harrods asked to be connected to the LV dept in store and lo and behold who answers the UNHELP line!!!!

    Then the SA at the unhelp line said they may have some in Paris so he called Paris

    After getting in touch with the VERY Unhelp line in Paris they said they have some but he'd have to get on the wait list.....

    So he said "Ok can you add me to the waitlist" they said "No the waitlist closed"

    so the search continues.......
  2. oh, no! what a story...I hope you get one soon! I'm sure it'll be worth the chase!
  3. I'm sure you will get one soon!
    Do you know if they have any in Leeds?
    i wanted one aswell but my closest LV hardly gets much in now!
    Good luck with finding one!
  4. oie... that's some chase... well at least your bf's awesome for doing your bag hunting for ya lol:P
  5. Oh no...that sucks Claire!
  6. Let me call my store for you.
  7. Ohh, terribly sorry to hear that, but you have a wonderful BF - he sounds like a gift himself.
  8. Oh wow!!! I'm thinking I want one now, too. Are they getting limited here in the US? Good luck finding one! It stinks when you get directed all over the place and can't get any help!
  9. LOL I know at first I wasn't even sure if I really wanted but now I'm like I NEED that bag they can't stop me it's become a mission
  10. I'm starting to feel like I need it, too!!!! I keep trying to talk myself out of it!
  11. Oooohhhh I really hope you get one! Good Luck!
  12. tHEY HAD a limelight cluth where i live about a week and a half ago..Will a US store ship to you?
  13. Also, they have them ALL over Ebay..
  14. all i can is wow... ridiculous!
  15. omg..sorry claire I had to laugh vuitton sure is make your bf search every crack, crevice and hole to get you a limelight.

    I hope you find one it pearl you're after? or copper?