The Limelight is here!!!

  1. My limelight arrived today

    It is fabulous, BF loves it too and he wasn't convinced at first

    I don't know what took me so long to fall in love with this one, you've seen it all before so I'll just skip straight to the modelling pics.........

  2. Congratulations! :heart: :heart: LOVE it!
  3. Congrats and you look great.
  4. Gorgeous, you wear her really well!!
  5. the limelight is sooo gorgeous!!! you look amazing!
  6. Omg i love the limelight clutch!!!!
    Your dress is really nice too!
  7. OMG, you look absoultely STUNNING with that!!!!! Congrats!!!! :smile:
  8. Love the limelight, but love it on you more. Hope BF is going to take you someplace really hot with that gorgeous dress. Congrats!
  9. wow! you are looking so fabulous with your limelight. i am so in love with this clutch. congrats! enjoy her!
  10. Wow it's goregous! You look absolutely stunning!!!
  11. stunning!! enjoy it!
  12. thank you guys
  13. She looks great on you Claire! Congrats! :smile:
  14. Looks great!!! Congrats, you are making me want one now!!
  15. Congrats! You look STUNNING!