The life I know is over..............

  1. I'm moving to Maryland :crybaby: My mother is getting a divorce and the love of her life happens to live in Baltimore. My stepfather and her have been married for 6 years and this is a huge shift for me (I'm 14 and just started as a freshman- my Dad lives in Idaho so that's not a problem) I just can't believe that within a year I'll no longer live in same neighborhood, have the same friends, and be 3,000 miles away from my grandparents. I realize that my mother will be much happier in the long run, but I can't help but feel that I would like to go on with my life as it has since elementary school. I know this is a lot to dump on everyone but I really need some encouragement- I'm starting to break down under the stress and pressure of trying to keep my mother's spirits' up. So, can anyone tell me anything good about Baltimore? I've done little bit of searching and am not liking what I see: a per-person income $7,000 lower than where I currently live and one of the highest murder rates in the country. So, if anyone has any advice or can shed any positive light on my new home I'd really appreciate it. :crybaby:
  2. Aw hon I'm sorry to hear that. There's no chance that you could stay with somebody (grandparents?) through highschool?
  3. Well, I don't live in Baltimore, but live in the Maryland countryside and have been there plenty of times. To tell you the truth, I love that city. It's old and quaint and has quite a lot of charm. The Inner Harbor is a great place to hang out during nice days and then there's Fell's Point which is kind of fun too - on the Chesapeake Bay.

    We are fairly close to the beaches on the eastern shore (about an hour or two away from Balto.) I am positive they aren't as cool as California, but still for a day on the boardwalk, it's okay. We are really close by train (again, about two hours) to NYC and you can't beat that. Williamsburg is about two hours south of here and that is a beautiful place to visit. About three hours away are the truly awesome beaches of North and South Carolina.

    On the downside, shopping isn't as good as it could be in Baltimore. You may want to check out the stores in Chevy Chase, MD (LV, Chanel, Saks, Neiman's, Jimmy Choo, etc.) or Wash., DC, or Tyson's Corner, VA. It could be a day trip for you. Towson Mall is probably the best mall near Baltimore and it's near Towson University.

    Fiction to read that will give you an idea of the nitty, gritty flavor of Balto. are "The Accidental Tourist" and "Diner". I think these were made into movies too. It's a quirky city and these books/movies, although they are old, will give you a feel for the place. I think they are accurate portrayals (which may make you happy or may make you cringe depending on how off-beat you are).

    My heart goes out to you. Really, truly. I moved here from Memphis when I was 14. I thought it was the end of the world. I hated my parents for making us come here to such an "odd" place. It feels like home now, but it took a looooooong time. Baltimore is "real", it's old, it's eccentric, and probably not at all like what you're used to. But I hope you settle in nicely and know that it may only be a temporary home until you go away to college.

    As for the crime, I don't have any first hand knowledge. But, like in any other city, exercising caution, being alert, using good judgement when out and about, and staying away from questionable parts of town would be prudent.

    Best of luck to you. I know this has to be a trying time in your life.
  4. Im so sorry that you are going thru this..IM not far from Maryland and we almost moved there once..Its a great place!Think positive..I know its a sucky time for a move..starting High School and all in a new place..BUT it may turn out to be the most amazing experience in the end!
    If your mom is will be too...I really beleive in that.I know when Im daughter can see and feel it too.So if this makes a positive change in your life..IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER! HUGS!
    Let us know how its going!!
  5. Thanks lee- that really gives me a lot to think about. Where I live in California though, were pretty far from the ocean- closer to San Francisco.

    Darwin- I have a standing invitation to live with my grandparents, but I think I'd miss my mom too much- plus I know she'd be devastated if I left her. But she did say that if I hated it I could move back to stay with my grandaprents.

    Another thing I'm not looking forward to is the weather- I've been to the area before and I HATE humidity!
  6. I think you should accept and try to be happy. Life is always changing and, just like this, you're not always able to control it. I hope it all works out for you in the end.
  7. Well that's good that she's being openminded about it. I can imagine how rough it is on you, since I moved between 7th and 8th grade and that was just hell. If you don't like it there maybe you could move back for the school year and stay with mom for the rest of the time. I couldn't imagine leaving my mom so far away either, so I understand your position on that. Best of luck to you- who knows, it might be awesome :smile:
  8. I hope you learn to like your new home. There is good and bad everywhere and I think eventually we all learn to adjust. Somehow once you are settled I don't think your finding new friends will be a problem. Please let us know how you make out after you are settled.
  9. wow, I am sorry that you are going through. I have really no idea what to tell you. I just think that maybe you should give it a try in Baltimore. I also think that if you really don't like it, then have aserious talk to with your mom and tell her your true feelings. Maybe then she might tell you to go back. Remember change can be good. Hopefully good things can happen. Good luck in everything. If you need to talk to someone, feel free to pm me.
  10. Cheer up. You never know, after the move you might love Baltimore. If it dosn't work out you could always go live with your grandparents. Just remember it won't be forever. Before you know it you'll be off to college. I hope you feel better! *hugs*
  11. This is really hard. I am grown with children of my own, but my dad was in the military and I moved three times during high school. I was devastated each time and thought I would never get over it. But you know what? I made friends everywhere I moved and it was always better than I thought it would be.

    I lived in California from fifth grade to the end of ninth grade, and then we moved to Maryland. I loved California and was sure that I would hate Maryland. But it was great and I was happy there -- until we had to move again at the end of my 11th grade year. That time we went to the Netherlands. I only lived there for a year, until I came back to the U.S. to go to college.

    I remember that I was heartbroken every time we moved, but it always turned out OK.

    On the bright side, at least you are moving early in your high school career, so maybe you won't have to switch high schools.
  12. I am so sorry that you are going through this hard time. I too have endured some really difficult and harsh times in my childhood and I could never understand why they were happening. Now, that I have grown up I seem to understand things better....I realize that some of those things that happened to me were not so bad after all. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. You may not be able to see or understand the reasoning right now....but it will be made clearer to you somewhere down the line...

    Dont be so sad, you will still have TPF.....remember that for every door that closes another may find some really great friends in baltimore, who knows....

    I am sending hugs your way....good luck with your new adventures....and keep smiling...
  13. While what I may say may annoy you, it is what I truly feel... you will be FINE! It sucks to think about it and move away from everything and everyone you know, but in the long run you will be a better person. My dad got transferred a ton when I was growing up, and it made my life so much better and easier- I learned how to handle new situations, make new friends, and it made me a better person. It will make college a ton easier to adjust to also IMO. So I know how hard it is, but you will pull through it and you may just love it there!!!
  14. I used to live just south of Sacramento (in Stockton....went to school at UC Davis)....and just moved to the Midwest.
    It'll be a little bit of a culture shock for more dry 100+ degree summer heat...the humidity does suck at times..but that's what AC is for...and I tell ya...jumping into a pool feels better in humidity than dry heat!
    Things are just different....BUT.....there will be new things that you will grow to love in new cities (my biggest devestation leaving CA was losing In N Out Burger, San Francisco, and going to Pismo)...but out here I've found new things. Chicago is now my San Francisco, Silver Lake, MI is now my Pismo, and Steak N Shake is now my In N Out.
    Change isnt always a bad thing!!!
  15. I can't imagine how hard this is for you! My bf's parents put him through a similar move after his freshman year of HS. Obviously it'll be a little strange at first, but he came out of it with awesome friends. I'm sure you'll find some great people to befriend asap.

    You're just a short drive from DC, lots of things to see and do. There's a lot to do in Baltimore too, new places to explore. The shopping isn't that great in either Balt or DC BUT you're also a train ride or drive from NYC! So that more than makes up for it.

    Also, since your grandparents do live where you're moving away from, you can always go back and visit your old friends. And if you truly hate Baltimore you have that option.

    I am sure it is all going to work out well for you!